February 21, 2020

A cheap RGB TG computer case? Sahara P35 Build and Review

You can now get an enthousiast pc case with RGB and Tempered Glass on a budget. Here’s a full build and review of the Sahara P35 with the Pirate Turbo fans.
Buy fanless on Amazon: https://amzn.to/2GlsFhb
Buy with fans on Amazon: https://amzn.to/2GX5JBU

P35: £69.99
P35/without Fan and module: £49.99
Fan: £4.99/pcs
Controller: £9.99

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21 thoughts on “A cheap RGB TG computer case? Sahara P35 Build and Review

  1. Does anyone know if the RGB controller allows you to turn the fans that electric blue colour?
    Also is the white variation of the case truly white or some ugly eggshell colour. (with such a massive panel the difference seems tiny). Thanks

  2. I’m looking to swap all the internals from my Dell Optiplex into this case and I have a few questions. Does it come with all of the fans? How can I hook up the power button? Can you change the color of the fans?

  3. Cases with tempered class in front, just is not good air flow. There is just not enough air from front side, its looks just cute and thats it.

  4. Since Corsair Crystal 570X release in 2017, it's like everyone copying their formula like :

    1. All tempered glass panel
    2. 3 RGB fans in the front

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