February 23, 2020

Beginners Guide: How to Build a Computer

Table of Contents
Tools: 1:15
Parts: 2:07
CPU Install: 5:41
RAM Install: 6:36
Case Prep: 8:11
Motherboard: 10:06
Front Panel: 15:01
Power Supply: 18:16
Cooling: 21:02
Graphics: 27:10
Drives: 30:24
Fans 36:00

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Beginners Guide: How to Build a Computer | JayzTwoCents



46 thoughts on “Beginners Guide: How to Build a Computer

  1. JayzTwoCents
    Do you like velcro cable ties? Any reason to not use them in PC cable management? They're great as they can be undone and redone easily when needing to remove cables, or just separate two, or just move them around.

  2. Dang, was hoping for something a bit more recent than 2014….even searching "2017-2018" produces many older videos that don't account for more recent components. Decent video though.

  3. HI Jay. I am going to make my first gaming pc and my friends told me that the pc needs to be on when assembling it and I should duct tape my hand to the ground to stop electrical discharge and stop it from frying my components. I was wondering if my friends are correct.

  4. Awesome tip on the power supply placement. I'd just like your idea about the fan facing upward if you have your pc in carpet. So I'd just changed it around. Keep up with your good job and videos.

  5. I don't understand why most of these vids people put on never show what to do if you don't have enough headers for fans and how to connect it to a splitter, it confuses alot of beginners as they don't know what to do, but overall this vid was ok.

  6. Hay what length should your main power cables be, and your cables in general this is my first build by myself and i hadn't considered the cable length. Thanks!

  7. Do you mean build or assemble? Assembling your own book shelves or dresser is more difficult the biggest difference is making sure you have the right parts for the job. Making sure the core and motherboard work well together and the ram fits the slots. Older ram does not always fit the newer motherboards even when purchasing from the same company. Ram is normally cheap.

  8. Got an MSI B250 Carbon Pro(not super interested in OC at the moment) and I forgot my i5 3330 3.0GHz CPU is a LGA 1155 socket and the mobo I got is for LGA 1151 which I thought my CPU was according to my bios but it wasn't. So now I bought an i5 7600 3.8GHz (not K for OC because again not super interested or comfortable plus it's an extra $30. The point of this is just make sure you know what parts you have EXACTLY if you plan on transferring parys from one system to another. Dunno why I just felt like putting this out there.

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