April 5, 2020

24 thoughts on “Best Computer Graphics Ever Made!!!

  1. This is such a beautiful video, thanks fara! Do you know what this is from? Also, please make more videos like this 🙂  The video and music blend perfectly. Thanks.

  2. haha i have yet looked again at this video, hmmmm its a real mix of tight dof as in macro dof ultra tiny portions of a subject in focus but not all subject in focus (eg part of the ring not the whole ring) but other times all is out of focus im now wondering if the maker had in mind a mystical feel and look for his production of this video either way is different think ill try something like this in cinema4d r13, thanks for the reply though…..nick 🙂

  3. You don't understand, I code graphics – I know about DOF. Naming the source of the blurriness doesn't mean it's not blurry. It's to the point where it can't even focus on a single object properly. It also doesn't help with youtube quality, even in 720p. It's ruined an otherwise pretty cool video.

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