January 28, 2020

Beyond Turing – Ray Tracing and the Future of Computer Graphics

This video is sponsored by OTOY, who paid for my research into the topic.

Buckle up, for the era of path traced gaming is near!

I take a quick trip down memory lane before diving deep into the technical details of rasterization, ray tracing and path tracing.

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— Video Links Below —

Ray-tracing examples used by permission of Andrey Lebrov – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LAsnQoBUG4Q

Octane “Bedroom Scene” Demo – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XkSTz7oXUQY


20 thoughts on “Beyond Turing – Ray Tracing and the Future of Computer Graphics

  1. Well your cheating either way. Atleast ray tracing is a more realistic method, less artistic method, few problems and is a nod toward the future. Not to mention ray tracing or some variant will continue to improve. Rastorization is essentially maxed out. Gamers need to let Developers take the hit. Im sure there will be some. Move onto ray whatevering they decide on. And start walking into the future.

  2. Really good video, thanks. I kind of bumped into this accidentally – I'm a programmer, have never really done much graphics stuff…but I found this really interesting and informative.

  3. Oh boy I'd never thought I'd see those games again in my older age… Some blasts from the past wow! I grew up in the 80s and played these games only when I visited my Uncle, who had those computers. I was treated to a go of Space Invaders on his "Green Screen". That's all I knew it was called haha. But I remember Wire Frame graphics very well. I used to have dreams about them and also, occasional nightmares in my very early childhood were of wireframe graphic shapes haha! Anyway, good stuff man.

  4. Yay! Someone remembers. I had the 64KB Spectrum with the rubber keys and the tape drive. No monochrome XT makes me sad though. The mighty Hercules graphics adapter gets no love.

  5. When nVidia released their videos, I read a lot of comments about how ray tracing was some sort of nVidia gimmick and how it wasn't going to last. This video does a great job at explaining how it's not some gimmick, and how it's really here to stay. It really does a lot to simplify the jobs of the artists, and frees them to focus on making their models rather than fine tuning hundreds of rasterization hacks. Once Turing based GPUs go down in price and AMD releases their own ray tracing capable cards (and/or drivers for existing cards), there's no way AAA studios are going to stick to costly rasterization methods. I think we'll start seeing mass adoption of ray tracing in less than two years, and games may start requiring ray tracing capable cards in 2-5 years. Maybe I'm being optimistic, but artwork is the #1 development cost for AAA games and such a gigantic way to save costs for artists is too much to ignore in my opinion.

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