January 26, 2020

Binary – How to Make a Computer: Part II

This is Part II of How to Make a Computer. In this series, I’m going to be explaining how to build a computer from the ground up. Using 19th Century technology, you’ll discover the inner workings of the most important thing in your life. This episode: binary: the number system computers use to count.

Big props to Charles Petzold’s book “Code” – not the only source I used to make this video, but it really helped me wrap my head around these concepts as a kid. if you want to read ahead in the series, I can definitely recommend it to teach you more about basic computer science in a readable format.

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26 thoughts on “Binary – How to Make a Computer: Part II

  1. Where is the next video man? I need it. Don't get demotivated by likes or views. You are serving something higher than that by making us understanding computers better.

  2. Maybe the reason for less number of views is that the caption and the thumbnail you used isn't that views-fetchy! If that was a reason you discontinued this series. But it's crore rupee content within! YOU ARE SYNONYM TO EXPRESSION!

  3. WOW, this video is so well put together & it nicely summarizes the first few chapters of Code: The Hidden Language of Computers.
    I came back to this video to look at a nice visual animation of counting in base 2 vs base 10

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