March 30, 2020

Breaking News: Haryana Computer Teachers ने शिक्षा सदन के सामने किया प्रदर्शन |

Haryana Computer Teachers का हल्ला बोल Teachers ने शिक्षा सदन के सामने किया प्रदर्शन | पुलिस ने water cannon का इस्तेमाल किया |
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6 thoughts on “Breaking News: Haryana Computer Teachers ने शिक्षा सदन के सामने किया प्रदर्शन |

  1. Very strange…painful….shocking……in a digital modern India..beating and crushing of teachers take place…in a democracy it looks painful… looks strange..many time beating is necessary before regular……donot harass beat these educated person…they have done hard work…

  2. Modi ji digital India m hr state m computer teachers ko asy hi mara peeta j rha h or punjabi urdu teacher ko regular kiya j rha h .Himachal m Jai Ram Srkar bi computer teachers ko isi trh s mara peeta j rha h salary bi nhi di j rhi h or school k hr kam computer teachers s hi forcefully krvaya jata excess work and no wages

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