January 28, 2020

British Airways – passenger chaos due to computer problems

The head of British Airways’ parent company has blamed human error for the computer problems that caused chaos for tens of thousands of passengers over the bank holiday weekend.

The chief executive of IAG, Willie Walsh, said an engineer had disconnected the power supply to a data centre, and then reconnected it without following the correct procedure.

Dan and Neil teach you the language the world’s media is using to discuss this story.

Key words and phrases:
human error = a mistake made by a person
meltdown = the complete failure of a system
fiasco = a complete and embarrassing failure

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  1. The reason that we find difficult to follow the native English speaker is they suddenly lower the voice in nearly a whispering tone as at the beginning of this clip. Edwin from Chennai.

  2. Say hi from Thailand. I listen BBC learning English in podcast every morning to practice my english skill. This is my first time that I see your face and it's really different from my imagination lol. Thank you both of you and your team for the really useful contents. Always support.

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