January 24, 2020

Budget streaming / screen recording setup for your computer, cost less than 50 bucks.

Set up you current Computer to record or stream your games or screen for less than 50 bucks. all the software is 100% free and ill show you my awesome budget microphone and webcam, and tell you a little about them.

microphone: Fifine k669 (pink) or 669B (back)
webcam: Logitech C270 webcam
now the free software you need can be found here
Streaming/screen recording software. obsproject.com
basic video editing software https://www.openshot.org/
advanced video editing software https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/products/davinciresolve/?gclid=Cj0KCQjwoebsBRCHARIsAC3JP0K_U2siqQX24sPacdYbZnZCBAru8dz_rLRhuoHgbmmN54T_MCN9_msaAjCbEALw_wcB

spend a lot of time making videos that help people learn about this game and I try to keep you guys updated with the latest CSR2 news and information, I don’t make much money because of medical issues, I have some really bad nerve and muscle problems and i cant even set in a chair for very long or the nerve pain ramps up and all my muscles go into spasms. If you would like to help support this channel you can use this link to donate a few bucks, remember anything helps. Thank you. https://paypal.me/danieltcaldwell?locale.x=en_US


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  1. So I sent this to primere at a certain time,. It almost made it appear like I was live streaming,. I got to get in the live chat and chat with you guys for a second I was kind of cool. Than the video ended and I think it cut off lol

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