November 20, 2019

Building a PC… using only

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Since you guys loved our Amazon basics and Monoprice builds, we decided to get just a little more sketchy and attempt to build a PC using only parts we purchased from Strap in folks, because I can pretty much guarantee that everything WON’T go to plan.

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43 thoughts on “Building a PC… using only

  1. Just imagine the conversation…
    – So what do you do for a living?
    – I take old GPU's and make them appear like new ones so I can sell them for outrageous prices online.
    – …

  2. 50 bucks for a used i3 2130? Holy crap, that's insane! Just for reference, a couple of months ago I bought an i3 3240 for the local equivalent of about 14 dollars. I took a quick glance at the same site, and I could easily find multiple 2130 ads for less than 10 bucks. Many of the prices in this video are bad, but ripoff-wise that CPU takes the cake.

  3. I've bought myself some glasses from After 3 months of no notice, I called Customer's service. They said that they WISH my product will arrive, so I shall WISH that too….

  4. i wonder if they (case manufacturers) use glass because its cheaper than good see-through plastic, or just because plastic doesn't have that 'heft' and "feels" cheaper

  5. I love the pcs he builds, i need to get one but its expensive for a good pc. I only want one for games and streaming with my mates but seeing myself having a cool pc is exciting

  6. rocket league and any other games now days got an FPs counter built in. it looked like you help Nvidia to cover up something we people dont need to know. you weren't enough frank with these tests of the GPU. video co pilot CEO also showed in one of his videos how GPU are not giving half of what they can and how little do people know that nvidia are scamming all of us. its all about the drivers and people can unlock these if they only knew how.

  7. "This is a ripoff! " Linus Spends $40,000 on four workstation (not gaming PC) Nvidia Quadro GP100's and expects to out perform a gaming PC with four Nvidia Geforce GTX 1080 Ti's in 4x SLI.

    I just realized this video was uploaded exactly one year after "We THOUGHT this $40,000 PC would break records…" video, to the date.

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