April 7, 2020

41 thoughts on “Building my Dream Computer – Part 2

  1. Awesome project.
    I'm probably way too late for suggestions but have you considered a Yamaha 9958 based video solution? 9958's are still pretty available but if not your wish to use a classic IC maybe have a chat with the developer of the F-18a?

    Not only would this be an excellent solution for a new retro system but these Ti-derived IC's are dead-easy to interface with systems so allowing for a modular approach. Indeed you could also crib from the RC2014 project.
    It is Z80-based but would still be a potential basis for a 6502-related system, especially as there are pre-existing CPU boards for 6502 (and related), 6809, 68k, etc.

    With this approach you could basically develop a machine like Lego, testing as you go, while being able to leverage well tested developments.

    Just a thought.

  2. It's a shame we're stuck with the by now done to death AY-3-8912

    Sure there's two of 'em, but the filter and ring modulation of the SID is what really makes the C64 what it is.

    At least figure out some way to coax stereo out of those two chips while you're at it! Hard stereo, maybe even 8 position stereo… Something!

  3. Absolutely wonderful! Thanks for the update! I have been kind of 1/2 following along on the Facebook group and I am mostly interested in the sound chip and particularly for making music. So if there is a possibility, please leave the expanders there for AY/FM/SD expander cards?

  4. 8 bit guy. You're like Linus Torvalds. You started something and people are picking up on it. 🙂 I hope they name the Commander X16's OS after you.

  5. Wow, this is one impressive project. I can imagine something like this helping folks get in to programming and generally learning how a computer works. Excellent work fellas, I hope everything turns out well!

  6. 19:26 why do i recognize that melody…?
    anyways the project looks really promising and again somewhat inspired me to look back at my Computer project…
    though like always i'm stuck at the software… any tips on material i can use to learn more about the inner workings of a kernel/OS?
    besides that i hope the expansion bus architecture is easy and very expansive to use so that there will be a lot of exapnsion cards in the future, anything from RAM/ROM Expanders, to SD Card interfaces with onboard ROM for the commands, to sound cards.

  7. Can I suggest changing the graphics daughterboard to be an expansion slot card? that would enable people to add support for different connectors like HDMI.

  8. Great project! By the way the (Philips) SAA-1099 is also used in another 8-bit machine, called the Sam Coupé. It has a very decent sound (there are demos on youtube, that gives an impression what it is capable of).

  9. This is an awesome project, and I'm seriously tempted to buy one when it is released.
    Excellent work to everyone involved, and I am really excited for the final release.

  10. Love the idea of a new vintage computer but the case looks far too modern, would be much nicer in a older looking case like a basic beige box, something similar to the A2000 or A4000 as an example. That said, a ready to go board only option would interest me. Wishing you the best of luck in this very interesting project.

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