December 11, 2019

China PC Build: Weird Computer Part Shopping in SEG E-Market, Shenzhen

The biggest electronics and computer market in the world is Shenzhen’s SEG E-Market in China. In this tour of SEG in Huaqianbei, we build a weird gaming PC.
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Shenzhen’s SEG E-Market is the biggest computer and electronics mall in the world, housing access to thousands of parts that range from MOSFETs and capacitors to mining machines to drones and gaming PCs. In this video, we tour the Huaqianbei SEG E-Market in Shenzhen, China to build the weirdest gaming PC possible.

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Host, Editorial: Steve Burke
Video: Keegan Gallick, Andrew Coleman


41 thoughts on “China PC Build: Weird Computer Part Shopping in SEG E-Market, Shenzhen

  1. It would be really cool if on your next visit you have a plan to have a pcb built out for you. Doesn't have to be some major build but coming away with a custom built working device built custom for you in the markets would be a really cool video

  2. Tbh, as a Chinese who sometimes explore all kinds of tech store and online hardware things in China. I have to tell you what you see is only the tip of iceberg. If you have a translator and go to search something called "Baidu Tieba". There are hundreds of wired thing you might interested in and even have never seen. Like Linus have bought a lot of interesting stuff in AliExpress.

  3. Would tell u to go to hk but then….yea. China have a great pc market tht they banned consoles (tho unbanned console market is still weak)lol. PCMR country

  4. You probably didn't want to be told you were copying Linus, but I feel this should have been a collab with Strange Parts. He would have given you the low down on how to shoot and negotiate for you a little better. 🙂

  5. I really hope you've got a source on that case for the review you do of it, because it definitely looks like something I wouldn't mind having on my desk, even if I need to replace the fans or something.

  6. Would it cost much to hire a translator for a day? Not saying you he didnt do a good job ( it was fuking brilliant job.). I mean for for someone like me that is totally useless with languages.

  7. I love this, it would be even better if you bring someone that speaks fluent chinese to make things smoother but this was a really good video, I hope you do more like this in the future

  8. So much information presented about the location and economic culture. Very succinct and presented concisely. Thanks for the great video! This is legit journalism in a video format and after watching I have a better grasp of a location I've only wondered about before.

  9. You guys should definitely try to incorporate the Game Station into the build. Then you would have a truly unique build you were looking for. For ex. (The Big O) by digital storm, but you know not with every console.

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