March 30, 2020

27 thoughts on “CNET How to: Add a second monitor to your computer

  1. Is it more cpu or gpu demanding to have both screens, currently i have a tv conecvted via vga to my laptop and only use the tv but i want to have both for some programs to show on the laptop. Would it affect the performance?

  2. I have a iMac I Wana connect with Dell Laptop, what other choices do I have because I don't have thunderbolt on my laptop. I do have HDMI and network ports available on laptop. My iMac does not have HDMI port. I've tried network ports and it doesn't pair.

    Anyone have a thunderbolt 3 to thunderbolt 2 usb??

  3. the screen on my laptop is blinking so im planning to use my desktop monitor as replacement so i can still use my laptop. will that worked? hope someone will answer my question

  4. Wanted to search up basic stuff. This video is stupid. Just connect the HDMI cord to HDMI port. Or if you have Apple the other shitty wire. Don’t need to mess with the settings.

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