February 29, 2020

Comments Show: How To Make A Cluster Computer – Part 2

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This is the comments show for How To Make A Raspberry Pi Cluster Computer (Part 2). You can watch the original video here:

How To Make a Windows Cluster:

Windows CE on the Raspberry Pi:

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31 thoughts on “Comments Show: How To Make A Cluster Computer – Part 2

  1. Then there any way to run Windows 7 on a cluster arrangement using pc's with linux distribution and get super performance for applications like autocad and adobe or another windows software?

  2. Also, it would be useful to know which processor was working on what, is there anyway to figure that out? I suppose you could have it returned as part of a string… wonders off thinking

  3. I'm going to build one of these for my computer architecture class and write a paper about the api and such. Are there any good tutorials for writing code for this setup that you know of?

  4. Is it possible to run a Pi Cluster with just a Cross-over cable? In other words, if I made a portable Pi and wanted it to be a portable cluster, is it doable to just have the two connected by a cross-over cable and still operate as a cluster?

  5. You can use my PCs via Some software. I have three PCs: 1. A really out of shape WinXP computer 2. A Win7 computer that's slowing down a little 3. A Win7 Laptop that runs realllly well (the one i'm posting this on, and a Gaming rig, a programming rig, and a surfing rig)

  6. I have no idea whether this is possible but if it is, can you make a video showing how to update from windows rt to windows 8.1 pro on a surface?

  7. I love your comments shows. 🙂 I would like to see series of linux history and more. For example:
    When and how did linux first appeared. What is UNIX and what is GNU. What is kernel, and who wrote first kernel. How did linux developed over time. What are linux famous distributions. What is difference between desktop shell and desktop environment. What is file manager and how can you choose what to use. What is about all those commands, why is so many of them? What is really terminal. Dual boot linux and windows. what can go wrong with that.. how to customize grub and what is really grub… some of my ides :))

  8. do the update on the keylogger video you made!!! First video I watched that was yours. & to this day I still watch your videos even though I don't understand anything AT ALL lol

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