April 9, 2020

Complete Information about MCA | Master Degree in Computer Application | MCA क्या है

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Complete Details of MCA | What is MCA | Master Degree in Computer | MCA क्या है

a. Introduction
i. What is mca?

b. Duration
i. 3 year
ii. 2 years for BCA students

c. Specializations
i. Application Software
ii. Hardware Technology
iii. Management information systems
iv. Internet technology
v. Software Development
vi. Systems Management
vii. System Development
viii. Systems Engineering
ix. Troubleshooting

d. Eligibility
i. After BCA
ii. After BA, B.com, B.Sc.

e. Syllabus
i. 3 years for BA, B.Com or B.Sc students (with 6 semesters)
ii. 2 years for BCA Students (with 4 semesters)

f. Course Beneficial
i. I.T. companies
ii. MNC’s IT companies as a system developer etc.
iii. Teaching sectors, as professor or lectures

g. Employment area
i. Software companies
ii. I.T companies
iii. Banking sector
iv. Database management companies
v. E-commerce companies
vi. Schools , collages universities
vii. Government jobs
viii. Networking companies

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40 thoughts on “Complete Information about MCA | Master Degree in Computer Application | MCA क्या है

  1. In 10+2 u must have atleast pass marks in maths otherwise u r not eligible in 90% universities. In Some universities u must have maths subject in bachelor degree. Without maths u can't go for MCA. NITs conduct NIMCET ENTRACE for MCA admission in NITs.

    Without maths u can do MCA in distance mode. This also allowed by few universities not all…

  2. Sir ager koi bsc pcm ke baad MCA kartaa hai toh use MCA kaa syllabus cover karne mai problem aayegi naa because bsc pcm waale ne toh bca nahi kari hai aur MCA mai bca ke aage kaa padaayaa jayegaa ….toh phir bsc pcm walaa kaise cover keregaa MCA kaa syllabus.

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