April 9, 2020

18 thoughts on “Computer Age

  1. Neil Young is such an artist. Honestly, if some new band released this today… I'd probably go apesh*t. They'd be in the top 40. Hailed as the newest brand of indie rock. Didn't Radiohead try this experiment (going electronic including vocoders) and become one of the most hailed bands of our time with Kid A/Amnesiac?

  2. i hate computers, no wait, i wouldn't be watching this video without one.
    i think computers are great but people abuse them. i do hate how people can't put down their cell phones and palm devices.

  3. Yeah, Nils…,and Nils is on this recording too I think, doing the high vocals that come in after the first part of the song…and doubling Neil's guitar parts…

  4. early in my teens i was turned onto Rust Never Sleeps.
    The next thing i remember hearing from Neil was this, and i thought WTF! this is great!!
    but SO different.
    i was always selective about which synth-driven music i got behind.
    A lot of stuff from this era i can't get behind ( read syrupy dirge like The Thompson Twins)
    but Trans actually SAID something to me.

  5. great live version of this from the 1986 rusted garage tour. sample and hold is on there too……soundboard quality. just google rusted garage tour 1986 and you should see a link

  6. this is the only neil young cd i own and it cost 25$..my cassette wore out….i love this cd…when im drinkin beers and lookin through my telescope…dunno..maybe im just wierd

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