April 7, 2020

7 thoughts on “Computer Engineering program

  1. @orieoman taking a course won't affect ur future career, it is all about how much u love ur job and how passionate u r. Learn those programming as a stater for now. Then learn how hardwares work and what are the lastest techologies.
    Beside, I cannot tell u which courses to take b/c courses are different per school.
    And yeah most ppl think u make decent $ with computer but that is not always true.

  2. @purefunguy so if your going through to be a computer engineer i should be learning java and c++? is there any other good computer coarses i should take in college because i want to do something in life with computers that makes decent money

  3. hey im in highschool right now and have been looking to get into computer engineering because i think building a computer would be fun. will i need computer sciences because im going into grade 12 and haven't bothered to take them yet

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