April 9, 2020

Disrespectful Music Production Computers in 2019

Looking for the best music production computer in 2019? today we compare the Razer Blade 15 to the MacBook Pro 15 and the 2013 Mac Pro Trashcan. These are three of the most popular music production computers amongst professionals who use pro tools, ableton, fl studio.

This video is the response to one of my most frequently asked questions: What computer do you recommend for music producers? What are the minimum computer specs for music production?

Production Computer Specs:

Razer Blade 15 (2018)
6-Core i7 2.2ghz
16gb Ram
500gb SSD
Nvidia GeForce 1070 MaxQ
1080p Display

MacBook Pro 15 (2017)
Mac OS Mojave 10.14.4
4-Core i7 2.9ghz
Intel HD Graphics 630 1536MB
4K Retina Display

Mac Pro Trashcan (2013)
Mac OS Sierra 10.13.6
8-Core 3ghz Xeon E5
AMD FireProD700 6144MB

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39 thoughts on “Disrespectful Music Production Computers in 2019

  1. Also I heard that for music production, CPU single score performance is more important than multi core performance.
    How true is this and how can we ensure that translates in our choices?

  2. CPU HACK: I bought the same Razer Blade 15 model a couple of months ago and had same CPU problems with Ableton. I adjusted CPU power plan and now it’s super quick, I never go above 10% CPU even with tens of channels.

    Go to: Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Power Options > Edit Plan Settings > Change Advanced Power Settings. Scroll to Processor Power Management and increase Minimum Processor State to 90 or 100%. I think it’s placed at 10% by default (to claim better battery life).

    Love the channel Geezer! I’ve just started out, very helpful and entertaining.

  3. I know this is sort of late but if you are using ableton On the razer It doesn’t automatically enable high performance mode which significantly improves CPU usage across the board however FL studio does automatically.

  4. Hello Reid, what is for you the best windows laptop for music production ? I don't like apple for their all soldered thing, and i prefer fl on windows, because you have more possibility

  5. Stefan according to forums if your with in your 1 year warranty window then u can get it replaced by Apple no charge. Or if you have apple care ur covered as well.

  6. Hey Reid, how are you getting zero to low latency when recording with your setup? Are you just using regular pro tools (not HD) and relying upon your Mac Pro’s processing speed as well as your Apollo interface? Thank you!

  7. Also, regarding the Razer, it gets loud because its trying to keep all the performance parts cool… but mainly the GPU. If you decrease the performance settings of the GPU thru Nvidia Control Panel it won't run as hot thus run quieter.

  8. I have a 6 core 16gb Dell G5, I run everything from EastWest Gold X Libraries to multiple instances of Omnisphere and Ozone at 256 samples in FL Studio with a Scarlett 6i6. Windows machines have worked great in my usage.

  9. Just my opinion. But the Razer Blades performance is fine. Well actually better then fine. I’ve opened about 7 omnisphere in a single project. I can’t relate with his experiences except for the loud fans. But a thing to notice is that we both have two different needs. But each of you need to do your own research.

  10. I don’t own a Mac Pro but it is the best Mac to buy for audio. The Mac mini i7 is good but the i7 processor slows down when it is working too hard. The Mac Pro’s E5 processor is built to sustain its speed at higher temperatures. If you want the i7 computers to work faster, get an external ssd drive to keep your projects and samples.

  11. Hey Reid…fan of your videos…I want to elaborate on the fan making noise during recording part…I too have had that issue recording next to a loud cpu fan and it sucks…eq and compression just brings it all to the forefront…I was about to throw away over 40 complete songs because of it…but…an old audio editing program I have called goldwave has a denoiser in there with a setting called Printclip 75%…and it totally gets rid of sub frequency sounds like a fan or electronic humming…saved my songs without affecting the vocals whatsoever. Thought I'd share that tip for the folks who mix inside the box and have that annoying issue. Denoiser plugins like rx7 work great for that as well.

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