February 24, 2020

Fix Computer Turns On And Then OFF Immediately

Fix Computer Turns On And Then OFF Immediately

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So you have a computer problem where the computer turns on then shuts off and repeats? or computer starts then shuts off immediately? well this video is for you. In this video I will help you troubleshoot your pc problem on how to fix a PC that doesn’t boot. these troubleshooting tips will help you fix and resolve your PC Problem.

1. Check power supply, check power supply connector or extension cables. Does the Fans all start and turn off

2. Check CPU and Thermal Compound and check Heat sink.

3. Check Memory is seated right, also test with one memory stick in dim 1 slot, still no joy, change memory stick.

4. Overheating?

5. Motherboard, check caps, make sure its not grounded on case, Reset cmos and wait 30 seconds, check CMOS battery, check for beep codes, electrical shorts…examine motherboard, re-seat all hardware, remove any piece of non-essential hardware. Lights showing on motherboard? check CPU.

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24 thoughts on “Fix Computer Turns On And Then OFF Immediately

  1. Cheers Brian ………… With the PSU tester Does it also report a PSU under Load ? I'v found in the past that You may receive a report from Testers they Receive 12V But when under load the problems occur IE PSU fails under load
    Thank You for Vid Sir

  2. Hi Brian thank you for the good tips you gave us, yes these things can happen occasionally and sometimes when you're building a new computer.
    Keep up the good work you're doing Brian have have a nice weekend👍😊

  3. Yeah, don't spend 10 hours testing ram, you've gone beyond ocd and into the psychotic. You're not repairing an ancient power station built in the megalithic age lol

  4. If you are using a modular power supply I would also check to ensure that the cables plugging into the actual power supply are firmly seated. Never know what gremlins have snuck in and loosened those cables slightly 😉

  5. Sometimes it can be caused by a power button failure. From experience the power button can break in a way where it is constantly acting like it's being pressed in, so as soon as windows boots the OS will shut down as it thinks you have been pressing the power button down for over 8 secs or so, even though you haven't touched the case and the button doesn't look like anything is wrong with it.

  6. Heat sink failure? The heat sink is just a piece of heat conductive metal. If it's not dirty, if there is ample heat compound and it's secured to the CPU, how can it fail?

  7. Usually when you power up, the voltage on the rails drops due to the load because the output stage inside P.S. can't supply the current demand . The failure occurs because it's the ESR ( equivalent series resistance ) on the output capacitors which shorts them out When capacitors are near a lot of heat they DO fail like inside a switch mode power supply Posted on Facebook ! Bye for now Cheers

  8. I fixed a laptop the other day that had an odd problem. The owner took it with them on a vacation to Florida for a week and used it while sitting on the beach. Turned out that they ram contacts actually began to corrode as a result of being exposed to salt carried on the sea breeze. I pulled the ram modules out and cleaned them and now the laptop works just fine. Not a good idea to use a computer on the beach.

  9. Hi thanks for all your content. I need assistance, I'm using Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom Cloud Plan. Now and then there's updates to be done. Previous updates I had no issues. Current update doesn't wanna pass 43%. It stays stuck on 43%. Adobe call center agents can't figure out the issue. Can you assist.. regards

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