January 20, 2020

20 thoughts on “Glass Candy – Computer Love (Album version)

  1. whereas most bands will just do a proper cover, Coldplay when they did Talk, and other songs, just rip off other bands without acknowledging them and just assume their fans won't know any better

  2. I don't understand the coldplay comments. Yes, I hear it. It is a simple riff. get over it. They aren't ripping off coldplay. This is a different piece. I prefer it to coldplay. The performance and ambience makes it an original. Glass candy is art. No question in my mind.

  3. this music is sad and reminds me of the past, and puts a tear in my heart. It also reminds me of the awesome brain power that sexually beatiful beasts have that their minds could appreciate this music and think in such deep ways and think awesome sensual thoughts while hearing such cool calm relaxing music with such deep beats etc.

    If I could have 5 kids with a beautiful beast that haunts my dreams and wants to teach me the awesome ways of her body and deep mind, this would be the music I'd listen to. This music sums up:

    love that exists forever

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