March 30, 2020

Googles New Quantum Computer – Is It The Sign of End Times? | Google Quantum Computer News

Is The New 2019 Google Quantum Computer Sign Of End Times?
Googles New Computer Does 10,000 Years Of Calculations In Three Minutes

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Welcome to Open Your Reality. I’m Chad, your host. Folks, we’re coming into interesting times. I came across a news article today on CNN and the NY Times stating quantum supremacy has finally been achieved – and by none other than google. If you didn’t know, quantum supremacy was a term coined in 2012 by physicist Jim Preskill, which means that the supremacy of quantum computers is now becoming a reality. Certainly, many companies, and even world governments, most notably China, have been hard at work over the last two decades trying to perfect the quantum computer. And now it’s done.

The new space race or arms race is actually the race to build the perfect quantum computer? Why? Because artificial intelligence powered by computer technology will become the most powerful weapon in the 21st century, and quantum computers are the key to it all. But there’s other stuff they can do too, which I’ll get into later in the video.

So now Google has a new quantum computer that can far outpace any ordinary computing technology that exists today. Apparently, Google claims their new quantum computer can perform 10,000 years of calculations in a mere – get this – 200 seconds. This type of computing power is the quantum supremacy the elite were seeking and now they have it. Or at least, now they have publicly told us they have it.

This is all very interesting because over the last couple of days I was researching Geordie Rose and the D-Wave computers his company makes. D-Wave computers are also quantum computers, but they may not be at the level of sophistication of Google’s new quantum monster.

However, all quantum computers rely on a new form of technology which harnesses the power of subatomic particles. Unlike classical computers, which process data as individual bit, each a 1 or 0, a quantum computer uses a different foundation.

Furthermore, multiple qubits can be grouped together through another quantum process called “entanglement”. All this allows a quantum computer to explore an extremely vast number of possible solutions to a problem at the same time. Did you get that? I said the same time. And the difference is like comparing the speed of a bullet train to a snail. There’s no comparison. What used to take years to calculate with a classical computer now takes a mere few seconds with googles new quantum computer.

Now if you don’t exactly understand the way this technology works or can’t visualize it, don’t worry. I really don’t grasp it fully either. The main point is to understand that this technology is orders of magnitude higher than classical computers. We’ve known about quantum computers for more than a decade, but now it seems like the big money players are starting to perfect them, which will create even more of a gap between them and us.

If think you’ll even the score by purchasing your own quantum computer, forget about it – you won’t be able to buy a quantum computer any time soon. That’s because they are extremely precarious devices that need to be cooled to near absolute zero and look more like giant freezers than computers. Currently, the cost of creating a quantum computer and maintaining it runs in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions.

As a matter of fact, this kind of technology is so powerful, I don’t know if it will ever be made available to the public. And if a quantum computer fell into the wrong hands, the repercussions could be so great, there’d be no way of fixing the damage. It would be like releasing demons into the world or opening pandora’s box.
I had told you earlier, I was just researching D-Wave computers and Geordie Rose. I came across some interesting quotes from him and a few other physicists on how quantum computers really work.

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20 thoughts on “Googles New Quantum Computer – Is It The Sign of End Times? | Google Quantum Computer News

  1. Ok
    Well I think I'm gonna have to go ahead and unsubscribe now because, it's clear you don't really understand computers that well. First and foremost. A bit is a 1 or 0. A qubit is a theoretical simultaneous dual bit of BOTH 1 and 0 used in a simultaneous action. It will NOT be an either or. THAT is the basis of a tumbler program. It is also clearl you did not read that article you anounced in the beginning of the video all the way.
    I read the exact same article and it clearly stated at the end of the article, that the quantum computer is a theoretical model for an OPERATING SYSTEM, not a physical computer. Binary (BITS) is the operation system within the computer It's not the actual computer. In fact that same article also makes it clear that the "quantum computing" will still be run under standard constructed computers (highly powered, but same old computers humans use). The article also states very clearly that the TITLE quantum, is just a title to which programmers have coined it "QUBIT" and the system will run "like" quantum entanglement. It said nothing about using subatomic quantum machinery (whatever you think that is). You really misunderstand computers with all that. But regardless QUBIT is dual binary system where The 1 bit and the 0 bit will run simultaneously doing the exact same function. You see the 1 and the 0 are action commands yes and no. But with QUBIT you get yes and no simultaneous in a single BIT(QBIT) In a very simple term. The idea is to have a program and a parallel identical (but opposite as it will be the opposite of the other 1 or 0) like bizarro SupermaN. So if fully functional, will automatically create exponential growth in the calculative function of the simultanious "quantum entangled" programs.
    Of course it's super way more complicated than some little article could discuss, but how it explained it was pretty clear

    And you missed what was actually being told

  2. is this channel full or bs or what, last video claimed that states had time travel machine which is total bs, with time travel we would have way more advance technology than quantum physics.

  3. Gordy rose spoke about how his quantum computer was 'pulling information from other dimensions from entities'. Strange that they have to keep these things so cold ..remind anyone of anything? Cubits is what things were measured in during biblical times. It's the beginning of the end. And who else bought up Gordy first quantum computers? NASA and google.

  4. The government only tells us what they have after they have had it for 10-20 years so it's safe to say they have had this for no less than 10 years….. Right around the first mandella effect and around the same time cern was running alot of tests….. This is all coming to the light something big is happening first they literally tell us alien craft are 100 percent real its all over the news and YouTube for 24 hours and noone cares now they tell us this which should be extremely huge news for mankind but not alot of people care…. They have us right where they want us .

  5. Jesus can counter all this . Just give him your faith he'll give us the answer . It's out of your hands now . This is a spiritual battle . Your only chance to help is receive Jesus and pray to him giving him more power like Neo to defeat the antichrist. You receive peace he receives unlimited power to win against darkness and the revelation of christ winning is fulfilled in pure light .
    Think about it. Do the right thing get on the winning team.

    If your not with Jesus your against him . There is no middle ground in this simulation video game we are all a part of . Serve light or serve dark. Your choice. Your peace or your consequences. Be well .


  6. Imagine artificial intelligence creates a synthetic hell for mankind, to terrorize humanity and slave us into fear, you disobey your master AI and you will be condemned to a synthetic hell. God help us all

  7. Oh Google, what big servers you have!
    "All the better to harvest your data with, my dear"
    But Google, what great quantum computers you have!
    "All the better to break your encryption with, my sheeple"

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