January 23, 2020

gsssb computer proficiency test paper ||gsssb cpt test paper Paper-01

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in this videos are talk about
gsssb computer proficiency test paper ||gsssb cpt test paper Paper-01

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gsssb computer proficiency test paper,gsssb computer proficiency test sample papers pdf,gsssb computer test excel,gsssb cpt test paper | cpt exam preparation tips in gujarati | gsssb computer proficiency test,we are talk about list of point ,how to insert table in powerpoint,how to change slide to answer to answer or decline buttons ,how to make animation in powerpoint
type of slide,type of layout
font size ,font color
how to inset bullet in power point
page number,date,time
text aliment ,test direction
design of slide,
how to make animation
background color
transparency etc….

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