April 9, 2020

How to make a simple computer program – Using Notepad

This video will show you how to make a simple program using Notepad. Here is a written TuT:

-Make a new .txt file
-Name it to whatever you want but make SURE that it ends with .txt or it won’t work
-type in @echo off
-To make sentences, type in echo and then whatever you want
This is how it should look so far:
@echo off
echo Hello there!
echo this is the second line, add more lines by adding more echos! 🙂

Back to the tutorial:
-Type in pause so the program won’t close immediately
-If you want color just type in color and then numbers/letters from 1-9 and A-F
-To change the title type in title then whatever you want


27 thoughts on “How to make a simple computer program – Using Notepad

  1. How to make a story:

    1) Open a new text document.
    2) Type in : echo 
    3) After the word echo, type in whatever you want to say. Make sure you don't leave your entire story on one echo. You'll need more echoes, here is an example:

    echo Hello! I would like to tell you a story about a sensitive, but pretty girl.
    echo Blah Blah Blah (Don't type this in, this will be the first line of your story)
    echo Then, Blah Blah, Bli Blu (this is the second line)
    echo And so more echoes will go on.
    4) After you are done with your story, click enter two times on your keyboard.
    5) Next, type in pause.
    6) Type in color 0a
    7) Type in a command like this:
    8) After the word title, type in what you want the story to be called.
    9) Volia! You are done 🙂

  2. ya what skyrimninja said… ive made bout three of those and watched a bunch of different vids bout these programs and all the other vids (except yours) say to put pause at the end of it

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