April 10, 2020

How to Scan your Computer Using Windows Defender Offline

How to Scan your Computer Using Windows Defender Offline

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How to Run Offline Scan from Window Defender in Windows 10? If your computer has a load of malware on it and you are having trouble running a malware scan at the desktop, then why not try Windows Defender Offline Scan? this will run a malware scan on your computer outside of windows. This means that windows 10 will not running, which means malware will not be running, which makes it easier to remove malware from the PC.

I will leave a link below to Microsoft website where you can get Help to protect your PC with Windows Defender Offline

Using Windows Defender Offline on Windows 7 and Windows 8.1
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7 thoughts on “How to Scan your Computer Using Windows Defender Offline

  1. Thank you for providing us with very informative videos to solve different types of problems
    I have a question and probably a video request
    I have the following problem
    The DVD/CD drive not only won't show up on windows explorer but also the drive won't open to inset a disk.
    I re-installed several times the drivers, and re-installing windows, but non worked. Do you know a way to fix this problem. The problem might be related with the drive itself
    I'll appreciate the help

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