April 7, 2020

How to transfer files between an Android device and a Computer

UPDATED VIDEO VERSION: https://youtu.be/yDPvC8iXoT8

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In this video you’ll be taught how to transfer files between an Android device and a computer. I even explain figuring out problems like getting the phone drivers so the computer can recognize the device.


31 thoughts on “How to transfer files between an Android device and a Computer

  1. My keyboard keeps saying Unfortunately lg keyboard has stopped. I downloaded swiftkey keyboard a year ago on my old phone. It isnt in the playstore anymore. How can I transfer it to my new phone? Thanks

  2. Indian people don't help because we don't understand and they put the title in english for no reason and English people talk way too much

  3. I plug in my phone to the laptop, in mycomputer, the mSoto g play phone appears. When i click on it, it says empty (no files). I got loadsa files on my phone. o, what's up? What steps have i missed out?

  4. SOLUTION! After hours of trying everything I read that if you change your cord it will work. And it did for me too. The cord I was using must have been a shitty one because as soon as I tried a different cord it all worked perfectly.When you plug it in you will instantly get a notification at the top of your screen (you have to swipe down to view the notification) you must select connect as ** Media Device MTP** then your phone will appear on your file explorer list just like a camera or USB does.

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