April 9, 2020

Huge Private Computer Collection – The Micro Museum | Retro Road Trip

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● Description
The Micro Museum in Ramsgate, Kent, is one of the most impressive private computer collections I’ve had the pleasure of visiting. Run by Mike and Carol Deer we get to see inside today as Mike takes us through some of his rare and interesting computers and consoles.

● Music
RMC Retro Road Trip Theme – Slavko Goatmare Kozomora


30 thoughts on “Huge Private Computer Collection – The Micro Museum | Retro Road Trip

  1. How did I not know of this place when I lived in Margate and Ramsgate arrgh!! Just seen it was 7 minutes walk from my front door on plains of waterloo.

  2. 380Z and 480Z were the first computers I used with disk drives circa 1984. Seem to recall the 480Z was used a lot in networks… was amazing to access other people's drives…

  3. My school had a Research Machines 380Z with green screen and a Tandy TRS80 in my first year of 6th form. We played Star Trek on the Tandy. In the second year it was a room full of Beebs and we were all in there playing Defender.

  4. I'm so glad that people like Mike and his wife take the time and effort (not to mention the expense) to put places like this together. Hope that some day I may get to go take a look. Really enjoyed the episode Neil 😉

  5. Hey Neil (and others). If you are curious about the spectravideo sv-318 then check out the YouTube channel by "Terry Stewart". I have no connection to him, I am just a fan who thinks his videos are awesome (too).

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