April 2, 2020

I Paid The Worst Rated Computer Specialist To "Fix" My Gaming PC…

Upgrading or repairing your PC is always best done yourself, but if you are unsure of what to do then taking your computer to a local PC shop may be a better idea. Or you could find a random self-proclaimed professional online and ask them to take a look?

Second Channel if you want to: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTmMoV7p9BTS92jLnVUG7fA/videos

Well for a laugh, that’s exactly what I did.

Thanks for watching 🙂


36 thoughts on “I Paid The Worst Rated Computer Specialist To "Fix" My Gaming PC…

  1. I think it was only fair to endorse the other 2 service providers that were honest. I understand not disclosing the bad one, but honesty by the first two should be acknowledged. Disclaim if there are bad reviews. Who knows, a good break is probably what struggling shops need to do better.

  2. I once sold my old GTX570 to a pc repair company to use as a replacement. It was a quick and easy sale. What worried me is that an hour after, I was contacted as to why the GPU was only showing up as a 'Microsoft Basic Display Adapter'. I had to send a link to the Nvidia site, as they didn't know that Nvidia cards needed drivers. Just think what poor cards may have been labelled defective just because they didn't know that Nvidia cards needed drivers.

  3. personally i would try to get your money/card back, what he has done is basically theft/fraud, just writing off as a business expense just means hes won and will carry on doing it to other people. if he is running a business then it means he has to be registered with HMRC and therefore can get trading standards involved, if not registered then hes braking the law as he will need to pay tax on everything he buys for the business.

    just this once you have done something bad and as i said you really need to try and get your money back and if you really are that scared of meeting him again then just take someone else with you (preferably someone with IT know how)

    as someone who is a IT Support Technician, i know that you have to keep your customers happy and not to con them out especially if you plan on not going bust

  4. You absolutely need to make a follow-up video to this and get back in touch with Jeff. Tell him it's running like shit and that the replacement card is not "just as good or even a little better".

  5. Yeah, sounds about right from what I would expect from someone called Jeff offering PC repairs on Facebook Marketplace. I mean it could have been worse, but at least rest of the PC got back in same condition and Jeff didn't decide it also has broken CPU or something. But yeah, if you will take the risks, at least look at reviews and stuff beforehand, because anyone can really offer PC repairs. I used to do it too locally, though I did it unofficially and back then I wasn't counting as responsible adult anyway. So if I ever got reported, it felt bit like that "they can't take your drivers license, if you didn't have one in the first place" back then. 😀

  6. Brought my PC to Jeff because my gtx 1080 ti wasn't working and he gave me Intel graphics. Well worth the money. Total bill was 800 said and done. Games run at 100 fps low- med 720p.

  7. lots of people will if given the chance take you for a ride. It also can be the same for people that buy the computers you build. I had one guy that kept having issues with his graphics and the fans. Turns out he was pulling the new 1070 card and using it for Mining in another system and never could install it back properly. This lead to him bringing it back two times. The third time he called wating his money back I had already assumed he had broken the video card (Which he did) I then informed him that I am not responsible for what you do to the computer after you buy it and told him to take a hike….

  8. The biggest tech repair disaster was myself building my pc. To this day there is a screw somewhere inside the double layered side panels…

    Nice vid. rip your better graphics card. Hope you have a good night m8.

  9. Damn that idiot really can't control himself, 50GBP for a card replacement would be a steep price, but he got 150GBP and a working gtx480?? All that for 15 minutes of work it or however long it took to blow the dust off the card he slammed in your system..
    I can only imagine how crooked and yellow that chavs teeth are

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