February 24, 2020

iameco Computers /// RTÉ's Eco Eye excerpt

As a pert of his Eco Eye show Duncan Stewart popped over to MicroPro Computers headquarters to learn more about iameco Computers.

Stewart chats to Paul Maher of iameco and learns more about the first computer awarded with the European Eco Label and produced in Ireland.

You can watch the entire episode of Eco Eye here: http://youtu.be/AayNb89jKLA


3 thoughts on “iameco Computers /// RTÉ's Eco Eye excerpt

  1. Amazing! I just saw you highlighted today on an Aljazeera program. What a delight to see you guys working on this! I want to move to Dublin and work for you!

  2. Well, if its sustainable produced, with an ethical and fair supply chain, I'm willing to pay the higher price. I'll keep it much longer too, 10 years sounds great. also, 98% recyclable materials and the great design inspire me.

  3. "slightly expensive" . If you go and check their web page you will see a standart mouse costs 50 euro ? Idea and business model is impressive but not the prices.

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