December 14, 2019

Indian Scammer Tries To Destroy An NSA Computer

Indian Scammer Tries To Destroy An NSA Computer

Hello YouTube, I am Malcolm Merlyn. As most of you are aware, there are a lot of different scammers out there and these include Nigerian prince email scammers, Indian tech support scammers, IRS scammers and others. They have been around for over 10 years now and they don’t seem to be going anywhere. After getting a lot of calls, sometimes very early in the morning I have decided enough is enough. If the government won’t shut down these pests then I will.

I created some virtual machines and started calling scammers using a fake caller ID. The calls were quite hilarious so I started uploading them on YouTube; this was great as I was raising awareness about scams while also earning money. In total I have called scammers over ten thousand times in the past year and a half. I created a number of programs to annoy them including a call flooder that can call the scammers many times per minute which overloads their phones.



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38 thoughts on “Indian Scammer Tries To Destroy An NSA Computer

  1. I don't like this format. For the more or less uninformed viewer, it is difficult (impossible) to understand why the impersonal, computer generated voice is used, if that is just for the sake of the video cut in or if the video also is actually made using this technique, and thus the viewer also is not in the know as to what the scammer got to hear and if he actually fell for a voice that is so obviously not real. There seems to be nothing to what is being used and put on during the video. Also there is nothing in terms of clarity as to what actually is happening, why Anonymous is brought into the story (I guess there is not really one united entity that calls itself so, at best it is a loosely knit group of individual activists that have chosen to go by the name Anon, but as we don't know if even such a slight affiliation is actually existent it doesn't mean anything) and why all the different names (and some phrases) that are used? I know I probably could find out some of the answers to the affiliation and probably the philosophy behind the (different) approach(es). But it is nothing like the real living being "Deeveeaar" (and some of his better colleagues that's for sure!

  2. We are not scammers but he says welcome to Microsoft? That’s his first lie ! and of course Microsoft doesn’t syskey computers , according to himself he’s not a scammer 😂😂😂he’s going to call 911 🤔🤔 like anyone is going to believe that a scammer will call 911 😂😂😂

  3. I was just called by a social security scammer, they told me to call them back. I called their number back and called the guy a ball less loser who cant get a job. He bad mouthed me. 3153811519 have at it

  4. Where do we get the Trump Anti Virus? I gotta have it. Is that a real program or GIFS? I used Google to find it with no luck. Everyone knows Google is biased, and can't be trusted for Trump content.

  5. I love the robo-voice, so funny. I hate when these idiots try to pass themselves off as Americans with names like Neal or Bob when we know damn well they are probably named Mohan, Rajiv or Kamal… Their English grammar is atrocious, and every damn one of them says "Wirus" and "DEXTOP" These people are a complete waste of space and fresh air.

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