February 27, 2020

Inside the Personal Computer – 80s pop-up book | Octav1us

Let’s take a look at this adorable pop-up book from the early 80s about the home computer.


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23 thoughts on “Inside the Personal Computer – 80s pop-up book | Octav1us

  1. Realize this is 10 months old
    1) On page one, the drive latch for the top floppy drive is supposed to make the screen change, your copy has the drive latch stuck down
    2)That red pocket is supposed to hold a paper DIP chip that you'd put into the two slots on the "mother board", the paper chip itself had a flap that opened to show you the silicon chip inside the DIP package.The CPU image is what was inside the flap

  2. The colour scheme of the keyboard reminds me of the second or third Amstrad CPC. The first one, the 464, had mostly black keys but some modifier keys were cheerful blue, red or green. Very colourful.

    One or both of the sequels, the 664 and/or the 6128, had a more “adult” colour scheme. Most of the keys were grey, but some were a serious blue. I’m nostalgic for the 464, but the rainbow colours made it look as if was only for games.

    There were also a large number of keys, compared to the C64, e.g., but the one in the popup book is missing a cursor key cluster.

  3. I remember that thing! It was my prized possession as a teen; wish I'd held onto it… Time and technology move on, generally for the better, but there was a newness and sense of wonder to personal computing back then that was really unique to that era.

  4. I remember flipping through this at the book store as a kid. I was programming PDP-11 mainframe in high school around that time so this was a fun book for me since I love pop-ups.

  5. Ripped and covered in rat urine. What a sad way for this book to go. I hope the 'paper architect' or even the person selling it for 6 quid on eBay doesn't see this video. They would both be equally gutted.

  6. Cool! My dad got me this book for my birthday in the eighties, he had put money in some of the pop-ups. I still have the book. There was indeed a little chip in that pocket.

  7. I'll tell you what – one thing I didn't have while watching this was a floppy disk. More of a lazy loader.
    You're the best Octav1us.
    The best. (Disclaimer – always drunk when watching – and there's plenty of fuel in this one that I didn't use 🙂 – but I still apologize)
    Octav1us for King, Queen,…..something that rules anyway. Uberkitty?

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