January 20, 2020

36 thoughts on “King Savage x Boss Sleep – "Computers" Freestyle | Shot By @MinnesotaColdTv

  1. Before all this shit…..hmong(asians) used to rule that whole project in the 90's. Thats when there were real asian gangs. By the way, its Congress on westside st.paul, MN

  2. Massachusetts 617 is lit
    cuase i make it work
    the street made me i
    weighted it out the paid
    this is bay shit
    tramsmit the guns out like a
    sniper are out here
    you be looking like a meal
    617 lit it be hard to deal the street
    becuase its so dangerous out
    the street is hot out here
    if you overpass could be some
    occupation in the station becuase the block
    its a nation
    i got boys wit guns in there pocket like operation
    that shit dont cooperation its a separation bring the city out for the celebration
    ryhme in the illustration music of art

  3. 617 shit yo lets get it we out in Massachusetts on that bay straight Mass ppl ryhme for the cash they roll up with all black
    and black ski mask on pull up
    On home invasion where the money at
    And the drugs becuase these thugs got
    The guns 617 shit rolling up in the street Massachusetts lit hood going rough
    Like its going be tough
    Running up and snuff ya
    Cold out of your brain bullet
    Flying threw the block shit crazy in the
    Hood in Massachusetts murder they make it work like the street made me gang all switching on the street might pop that gang shit in Massachusetts lit

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