April 10, 2020

LGR – Strangest Computer Designs of the '90s

The 1990’s weren’t just the age of boring beige boxes! There were some truly funky designs and interesting experiments as well. Time to take a look at a bunch of them!

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46 thoughts on “LGR – Strangest Computer Designs of the '90s

  1. In 2001 my parents tried to get my elderly grandma connected to email and basic typing word pad by buying her the 1999 Compaq Presario. It had a monitor on a solid frame but all the corners were rounded and the then the tower unit was also very rounded and bumpy in how it jutted put away from itself. She learned to use email and a word pad, and a few cd rooms but I think she never truly liked using computers. She had a Dell XP later on down the road until 2012 but then decided to writing everything longhand in cursive script and using us postage stamps. I don’t miss that Presario one single bit.

  2. I like the iMac G3. It was the only iMac that came in different colours and it was the first Apple product to have the “i” prefix in its name (yeah it predates the iPod by like 3 years)

  3. Omg. I had the Destination. Mine was maxxed out, and $5000. We had just gotten married and didn't have a TV, and the husband's packard bell was old.

    We used it for a long time.

  4. Tiger learning computer….only the school or library may buy it. Only 10 people in the world want learn on computer at home

  5. Funny how we now actually have the technology to easily build a modern and cheap "internet fridge", but afaik nobody has ever constructed one to any commercial success.

  6. Escom was founded in my hometown (Heppenheim, Germany).
    You can still see an old Escom logo on what once was their manufacturing plant (just behind the local BK restaurant).

  7. The Gateway Destination’s tv had such a weak resolution (as it was just a tv) They did have a few combination monitor/TVs back in the 90s.

    I am trying to remember the exact name of a BeBox that was literally a cube. I’ve found info on the one in a tower that had led light built into the case, but I definitely remember Be selling another BeBox that was a weird cube.

  8. I had to click on this video when I saw that the apostrophe was used CORRECTLY in the title.

    Once I got here, however, I saw that it was used INCORRECTLY in the description.

  9. I had a Gateway Destination from 1999 and it came with a 36 inch Monitor. DVD drive ATI TV card and Boston Acoustics Digital Theater 6000 Dolby Digital Speaker system. It was around $3200.00. It was a fantastic media center PC. 🙂

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