April 9, 2020

Live! at Retro Computer Weekend

I’m here at the Centre for Computing History in Cambridge, where they’re having a Retro weekend, full of obscure machines and treasures. The public have just cleared out, so I thought I’d share these delights with you.


26 thoughts on “Live! at Retro Computer Weekend

  1. That 'Whitechapel MG-1' is an IBM 5100 portable computer in disguise. The service documents are available online. I have one of the original IBM version that works. I have at least one spare monitor for it if that is what's needed. 09-07-2019

  2. Hi. Around 5:50 I’ve seen the Elwro 800 Junior from Poland. Its the ZX Spectrum clone used to be most popular in Polish schools in the 80/90s. The case was taken from simple electronic … organ – a musical instrument. On this computer I did my graduation thesis in technical school – „The interactive Basic doctionary” in late 80s … 🙂

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