January 28, 2020

Most Popular OS of All Devices (Computer + Phone + Tablet) (2009-2019)

This video shows the most used (popular) operating system of all devices, including computers, phones, and tablets. Windows was dominant until the mid 2010s when Android and iOS started to take over. It also marked the end of the computer era and the transition into more mobile devices in the future.

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35 thoughts on “Most Popular OS of All Devices (Computer + Phone + Tablet) (2009-2019)

  1. Now the question is: how different would the graph look if it wasn't by number of units but weighted by the power of the computer concerned? After all Summit (what o/s does that use?) is hardly the same as my iPad. Then again, phones are included but I don't think other embedded operating systems are, are they? Is Raspbian included in other, or Unknown, for example? There are a lot of Raspberry Pis out there.

  2. Amount of mobiles on Earth is much greater than PCs. Android is in 75% of mobiles.
    Kinda happy that Microsoft still leading even though it almost PC only, which Android is Mobiles plus ..very small amount of PCs

  3. (OS of All devices) In terms of Popularity:

    Microsoft: (01–2009 β€” 03–2017) β€” (8 Yrs & 2 Mon)
    Google: (03–2017 β€” 11–2017) β€” (8 Months)
    Microsoft: (11–2017 β€” 12–2017) β€” (1 Months)
    Google: (12–2017 β€” 10–2018) β€” (10 Months)
    Microsoft: (10–2018 β€” 12–2018) β€” (2 Months)
    Google: (12–2018 β€” 04–2019) β€” (4 Months)
    Microsoft: (04–2019 β€” 06–2019) β€” (2 Months)
    Google: (06–2019 β€” 10–2019) β€” (4 Months)

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