December 7, 2019

No Dollar Wasted PC Build Guide

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Now that we’ve got new hardware to play with, it’s time to resurrect the Build Guides once again, this time looking for the absolute best bang for the buck!

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21 thoughts on “No Dollar Wasted PC Build Guide

  1. Everyone (I mean everyone) builds pc's could you just once build a customised laptop for gaming … plsssse … something different for a change including installations and software (pretty plsssse with cream on top)

  2. Havn't had a better laugh in a long time, than this video 🙂 Really shows that even your on a really tight budget, use a few bucks more and get a decent case .. lol. Nothing more frustrating than working with a case where you have to struggle to get the mb in, only to find out you need to have it out again to get eg the psu and cabling done first, or vice versa, bacause the case isn't flexible eanough to alow easy mounting of various hardware.

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