December 7, 2019

Powerful PC in your POCKET

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49 thoughts on “Powerful PC in your POCKET

  1. It's because of these reviews that I went supporting GPD HK. Unfortunately, that company declined all my refund requests and did not even send me any product from their previous campaign. And here they are now, trying to rip off customers with another campaign. I have no idea how many percent did not receive their products but letting you guys know, Indiegogo and GPD won't be helpful at all where you're amongst the ones who they sent no products to. I did back their MicroPC campaign and they already started selling before backers even got hold of theirs. Most who got it are reporting bad quality. @t

  2. i'll say it windows department is the worst at making softwares ..their os is the worst in the world..tons and tons of useless services in the background running around and bugs like no other..

  3. I probably could use this for making letters, quotations, and presentations. Programs for use by a businessman in a meeting somewhere other than his office. I wouldn't use it to play video games (except Sudoku, gotta have Sudoku) or for editing videos or photos. (",)

  4. I use mine to remotely administrate Unix servers while on the go. Mostly when I'm on the train to work and people are screaming into my ear that they can't login into their user session. Like they can't wait just 15 minutes until I enter the damn office. Anyway, this has replaced my BlackBerry as my go to device for SSH'ing into servers and it works wonderfully. I'm running Linux on mine as that is what I prefer, though I also have ChromeOS with Android support as it's second OS.

    The version I'm using is the Black, 8GB, 128GB, Intel M3, so it's faster than the Celeron version depicted on LTT.

  5. I think I'd still prefer the nub mouse, just in the corner, and frankly the fact there is no GNU support from the factory on the 2 is a bit of bum (since I thought something like this might be good for a little ROS node to debug robots or something) but the fact its a lot faster is very nice.

  6. I bought one and I feel like I was scammed thanks Linus. They released a better version as a final release AFTER delivering to the BACKERS. So Backers got FUCKED.

  7. My laptop is much much bigger and can’t even open photoshop. Everyone always says that they have a GAMING pc and i stil beat them in csgo and other games with really low fps

  8. Why didn't they just put the nipple mouse in the top-right where the optical sensor is? That would be a lot easier to use and more like a game controller.

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