February 27, 2020

Quantum computer breakthrough 2017 !

Quantum computer breakthrough 2017 !

Physicists have sketched a blueprint for building a quantum computer using existing technology that would be powerful enough to crack important and currently unsolvable problems, such as factoring enormous numbers.

Such a machine would need to be larger than a football pitch and would cost at least £100 million (US$126 million) to make, its designers say.

“Yes it will be big, yes it will be expensive — but it absolutely can be built right now,” says quantum physicist Winfried Hensinger of the University of Sussex, UK, who leads the team that published the blueprint in a paper in Science Advances1 on 1 February 2017.


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38 thoughts on “Quantum computer breakthrough 2017 !

  1. The theory is wrong!
    A atom is NOT at 2 diferente places at the same time!
    Its a experience mistake/assumption, and how the hell would you know it was the same atom 😂 does it have a ID Tag???

  2. How many Qbits are we talkking about here? I'm guessing this large scale quantum computer will contain a large number of individual quantum computers connected together.

  3. What about superposition of one electron in two different places simultaneously? It's all balderdash. Just like with fusion you are all barking up the wrong tree because historical scientists have got things that only matter now wrong. All the other mistakes have been found and corrected with the physics we have to date.
    Yes entanglement is a real phenomenon but it is being interpreted by quantum mechanics which is a pseudoscience or magic. Good luck with that. Many have seen my theories on the web. It's a start but when all this fails they've got somewhere to come back to. No I'm not a genius i just found some mistakes in historical physics which have led science up the garden path in certain areas. Where is the dark energy? What does a Higg's boson do actually? there are real answers to these questions that fit with the whole jigsaw puzzle.

  4. every single so called breakthrough is a gimmick, every breakthrough on quantum computing states the same old tired lies (here i am surprised they don't mention the schrodinger cat). Every breakthrough compares the old bits to qbits which they are not really the same thing, every breakthrough mentions some form of the entanglement "spooky" thing with never any proof that it will successfully accomplish anything (the chinese claim to have an encrypted comms via satellite which is bogus – even if it wasn't bogus – it alleges to have transmitted 1 bit of encrypted info ?), and every breakthrough mentions the dual state bs. at least this guy admits there is not going to be a quantum computer the size of a desktop computer in anyones near future.

  5. we have no real idea of the shortest measurement of time. so we really dont know yet if something is in two places at once.

  6. what are the long term effects on time and space while manipulating such physics? I would recommend studying this further, before building larger machines.

  7. spooky? answer the question before it's asked-; not a problem. design and implant a new reality in vitro?, you bet.. building better world's. it's a fucking monster. and we all know what happens when monsters are created…… don't we?! it's enough to make you take drugs..
    oh yeah I already do.
    the future of all things natural is over.

  8. quantum computers will leap frog human to straight to type 2 civilization. the computer will virtually become earth God after it learned all principles that governed the universe. question is,  would such God like computers require us to pray to it or just treat us like  it dumb parents?.

  9. Well, quantum computing has been rather a disappointment so far, given a host of technical difficulties. However, IBM has for the last year or so put it's (originally D Wave) machine on line to allow us mortals to sample the technique so far. It runs at around 20 qbits – equal perhaps to a normal laptop (!) :- http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p052800h

  10. A quantum computer with a few hundred Qbits has a number of distinct states greater than the number of particles in the observable universe, right? So it would seem we're probably living in a simulation, great. At least Philip K. Dick was nice enough to warn us.

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