March 30, 2020

Question: Should You Leave Your Computer On All the Time?

What’s your view on turning off your computer nightly (sleeping) or leaving it run 24/7. I heard that turning on and off will cause problems with expansion and contraction of the chips and crack solder joints. Heard leaving it on eats power and wears out the fans and hard drives. (It’s a brand new Mac Mini so I don’t care about power).

-Eric H.


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41 thoughts on “Question: Should You Leave Your Computer On All the Time?

  1. The problem is all these youngsters want answers in 7 seconds bc they’ve got zero attention span. They are missing the fact that Eli is giving them some “background” in every one of his videos which is way more valuable then the quick yes/no answer they’re looking for. The real education is in the experience which he tries to offer, but they miss it every time.

  2. is it normal for computers to boot up slower than laptops?, like when i boot up my computer, it is slow and takes up to about 5 mins till it's fully booted and it's slow and after a while it starts to work pretty fast and no longer slow until i reboot my pc back up

  3. the only problem i see as real enough is when you go to sleep and you dont want to download anything at night then you should turn it off better.cause first your hardware will rest and live longer(but live longer about how much,pc will last for many years anyway…).then the second reason is when you have a cheap watercooling with cheap water tubes,wich i dont trust them working as i sleep and if they lick im not there to see it and try to shut down the computer quickly. waking up in the morning and see your pc is drowned by water.i dont trust my ENERMAX 120 wich is fairly good,seems good,the tubes are ok,but in the long run i dont trust them too much cause i ve seen videos and in chatts people stating there watercooling pump or the tubes had a lick and burned there mobos or gpu.its a beautifull watercooling yes with very nice leds,strong tubes and connections that they say on the marketing it is good but i am afraid one day this bad thing will happen when i didnt have this concern with my old arctic freezer extreme aircooler and it did the job well,not as the watercooling but it was ok…so this is the only reason i see that you should turn off your pc when you sleep and if you have a cheap watercool…so what you think?did any of you had a watercooler that went bad on your pc,im curious to see if there is anyone outhere in the comments…?

  4. READ THIS NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Dont leave you computer on overnight, i forgot to turn mine off for 1 and a half days and now it doesnt read the hard disks.

  5. It's not a stupid question, it's a question but man you really don't know how to answer, you would be bad at writing essays with limitation of sentences

  6. For those of you who complain that it takes Eli so long to answer a question, this is what he says:
    Yes, you should turn off your computer or at the very least hibernate it for the following reasons:
    1. The electricity bill will be huge if you have a lot of computers running all day long.
    2. When your computer is turned off, no hackers can attack it. If everyone leaves their computer on and one computer is taken over by a hacker once everyone leaves at the end of their shift, the hacker can do whatever he wants on the network because no one will be there to notice any suspicious activity.
    3. It doesn't take long for your computer to reboot after an update, whereas in the past (as far back as 15 years) this took way too long.

    All of you should appreciate him giving you the context for this question, namely that people were worried about turning off their computers for several reasons. Eli is trying to teach you, but if you don't meet him halfway and use your own brain then he can't help you.
    The only thing that isn't clear for me is whether 15 yrs ago ppl were justified in thinking that turning their computers off and on would cause wear to the hardware. Eli doesn't give a clear answer here I think, but as for the original question, he spells out the answer.

    Thanks Eli! 🙂

  7. Sheesh! I realize this video is over three years old but still, someone send you a question with a legitimate concern and you reply by stating, "This is one of those stupid questions…."

  8. your advice is untrustworthy. You ars untrustworthy. I've checked in on your videos throughout a couple years now and depending on the question and financial commitments you have with certain companys…. your answers are swayed for their benefit. Your a lobbist
    I can prove it on so many topics. I can always figure out whose pocket your in by the end of most videos. Its a living, I guess but pretty slimy, gutless and trashy. Hopefully $$$ is worth more than dignity. good day

  9. Just turn your computer off every night. I'd say, pick a day to leave it on so that it can update. I still have a computer I built 8 years ago. Turned it off every night, runs great still. Only thing that went out was the power supply. But that was my fault lol.

  10. My pc is allways on. Been like that for last 20 years atleast. I like that it updates while i sleep, and i like(d) any can/could reach me throu the chat programs that are/was popular throu out the years. Most i know write to me instead of calling me on my phone. Its way cheaper since we have 24 hour internet here in Denmark. Heck my brother uses Skype from hes phone instead of calling me 😛

    Infact i cant sleep if i turn it off, takes me ages to fall asleep then. The total silence anoy's me, iam used to having the fan noice. Its a low noice pc build, so its very faint. But i NEED it 😛

    I have never considered it would be damaged except for the mechanic harddisk. I have only lost one normal harddisk in all those years, and that was after i turned my pc OFF to go on vacation and it refused to start up again after i came home haha. Besides that i hade a few (2 or 3) with corrupter sectors. but doubt that was because they allways ran.

    And i certainly never hade any fans or anything brake due to stress. I think its just people over reacting. or smoker haha .
    I know two people that lost there motherboard due to fire, and that was because they smoked near there pc. (nicotine stick on parts, dust stick on nicotine = fire hazard .. and pc gets hot = fire) So it can proberly also make other damages too if its stick on a fan etc.

    I do pay alot of power tho haha, my power provider once said i have power consumtion of a four person family. And i live alone. That was back when i ran a game server and hade two pc's allways on.

  11. This might be a wierd question but I need an answer.

    On my room I have my air conditioner always set at around 19°C when going to sleep between 2:00 a m. to 11:00 a.m., but I don't know if having the conditioner this cold would affect the components of the PC if there is no cooling running, just the air conditioner and if it's even possible for the components to "freeze" or slow the working process of the PC.

  12. It's best to put the computer to sleep. Imo, it's about the life of the CPU fan. Most people don't have mechanical hard drives as their boot drive so it really doesn't matter as far as the hard drive

  13. I need help pls when I turn off my pc and then in the morning I turn it on and want to play some fortnite my pc crash and says your pc ran into a problem when I restart it it's fine any help?

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