April 10, 2020

31 thoughts on “Real-time animation and music using a 1985 home computer.

  1. you got it wrong. i said it for those clicking dislike. never used mac. as a pc nerd i like learning computer history. mac had good role in computer's evolution. we like or not.

  2. This video, the Newtek Video Toaster demo disc and a couple other animations were some of my all time faves on the Amiga. Still have my A500 and a few large shoeboxes of pirated floppy disks ready to go. And to this day, I set up my Windows 7 desktop as close to Workbench's layout as possible. (Taskbar at top, devices on the right hand side, programs left)

  3. @jemeor2

    wow, i assumed it would have been done with midi and an external sampler at least. that's great that it's all a mod file mixed on the amiga itself. extra kudos to the producers.

    love the filename too 😀

  4. @hardoff The music is a 4-tracks MOD soundtrack played by the amiga. Yes the sounds are sampled but everything comes from the amiga, there is no external hardware. You can even download the file and play it in on your computer (with VLC or any dedicated mod player). Search for "Condom Corruption" in the modarchive website

  5. Yeah! This rocks so hard and brings back so many great memories. Even if these days, the aesthetics might looks like an essence of early 90s techno video trash, you've just got to kneel down before the coolness of this demo if you realise that all this is being created in realtime on an Amiga 500. Visuals, music, calculations – all that. On an Amiga 500! Coolness! Feeling it?

  6. Yeah, amiga was amazing. I had some demo disk's also. We always had it on when we had a birthday party.

    To bad my diskdrive destroyed all my floppies 1 by 1 at a time:(

  7. @amixgris You're saying that AmigaOS, which found it's basis in TripOS, which was written with a full understanding of Unix in mind (though not based on Unix) makes AmigaOS Unix based?
    That's a pretty far stretch and doesn't do AmigaOS or TripOS justice IMO.

  8. @RegePower Ahh!!! Good old times 🙂 We have been also on scene here too 🙂 Anyway, I hope you've seen sequel to this demo – 9 fingers 🙂 I found Making Of [!] Just search "9 fingers making of" and 1st video will be main video to watch 🙂 Very interesting!

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