February 29, 2020

Red Dead Computer – Ep 05 – The Last Gamer Show

🔹 Its been a crazy week, my computer kept crashing forcing me to find a replacement, then I get a e-mail from someone at Capcom Japan.

Car Crazy

🔸 I also find some headphones that blow my mind or my ears, Razer Nari THX.

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44 thoughts on “Red Dead Computer – Ep 05 – The Last Gamer Show

  1. Gran Turismo IRL, I like it. Also, it's mad how that's your winter. I can only imagine what the summer is like lol. Loved the video though, glad you got sorted with your Mac. My graphics card went in mine and I fixed it by cooking it in the oven. That's not a bad joke either, it actually worked. Twice, bizarrely.

  2. I definitely like the new format and how the collection is displayed. The shelves of stuff where you can only see the spines steal away the best part of video game package design, the covers. Particularly retro items.

  3. Hey Joel & Jess
    Another fantastic episode 👌🏻
    I myself only collect ntsc /jap games and consoles only I’ve try collecting pal but it just has no appeal. I like the mini consoles but only own the Nintendo ones myself but I won’t be getting anymore of them as I’m a purist and love original hardware. Wow that was a journey and a half to pick up your new computer. But at least we’re going to get more quality content from you 👍🏻
    Looking forward to seeing if you get the Nissan skyline that’s one classic car plus it’s in my favourite colour 👍🏻
    Hope your get better soon.
    All the best jay

  4. I'm absolutely convinced Jess is the nicest human being on the planet. Love Joel and her together. Love the channel. Clearly I love the Aussies

  5. When you purchase that car from the Japanese seller, it’s probably going to arrive with a private number plate with a CAPCOM reference and boot load of merchandise, you heard it here first 👍🏼🤣🚗🎮🕹

  6. Good episode…i ve notice the show editing style changed slightly… really like it.

    Joel, do you own a capcom cps exchanger? i recently learn about this fail capcom console. would love to see it featured in the show…

  7. Amazing episode. As a long time viewer it feels like a months worth of content in one episode. Hope you get a good deal on the car Joel. You deserve a very good deal.

  8. Hi from the UK. This channel has become my favourite on YouTube along with BitHead1000 and The Happy Console Gamer. Keep up the great work Joel. I always look forward to a new upload. I have been watching your older videos also… just amazing.

  9. Joel you haven't got all those Genesis Mini games. Nobody outside of the developers, testers and press have even played the brand new Tetris and Darius.

  10. I doubt I would survive down there. I have lived in Queensland my entire life and have never even seen snow ( except on tv ). 25C is cold to me.

  11. Awesome. Imagine that R34 in a CAPCOM-themed colour scheme of yellow and blue. The factory Nissan blue and yellow colours are very similar to Capcom's own colours anyway!

  12. your holy grail isn't a holy grail purchase in the nintendo 12 game store test machine that is the second revision of m82..

    the holy grail in the m82's is the 24 port cart modules

  13. At first I thought it was cruel Luke was being dragged into this upgrade nightmare. Then I remembered he's the editor now. The extra power will bring us further glory.

  14. hey Joel have you heard of a company called Analogue who have released some FPGA-based consoles of the NES, SNES, Megadrive which are HDMI enabled and will play straight from the cart from any region of that system

  15. The quality is leaps and bounds above another gaming channel. I hope it remains like this.
    Please do all you can to get that GTR R34, it’s the Godzilla

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