February 27, 2020

Resurrecting Osiris with Technology, DNA, Quantum Computers & The Djed

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In this Live Action Role Playing Session, we ask questions with cyclical patterns. The Rollout of 5g will certainly offer faster download speeds, lower latency times and more capabilities than its predecessors. With that said, is it possible that the Rollout of 5g worldwide is for a purpose much more fascinating and game changing than faster connection times. Is the Ruling Class Elite creating and providing a platform to be the body or medium of a resurrected being? Are we witnessing the return of the Gods, the Goddesses, what does it mean for us?

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Links discussed in Podcast

Plutarch’s On Isis and Osiris

IBM Q quantum computer
Quantum Computer Interior
Quantum Computer Mixing Chamber

The Egyptian God Osiris

The Story of Isis and Osiris (Egyptian Mythology)


36 thoughts on “Resurrecting Osiris with Technology, DNA, Quantum Computers & The Djed

  1. Hahahaha love the ending
    I do appreciate having the videos and pods that are very generously offered to all
    Thankyou, I know the hundreds and thousands of hours that go on behind the scenes gathering info, documentation and knowledge without ever getting to the point of putting it into a form to share with like minded peeps 💸🌈🦄

  2. Rex I'd love to have a chat. We're Awake. You're waking them up. Me too. You keep hitting right on What I'm seeing in the light when I Remember. The tech the poles. I can show you my search history and thousands of screen shots of data. From OOPARTS to Quantum Physics, thermodynamics, fluid dynamics and the hidden keys to tie it all up. I'm ready to give it a go over the phone. See what you think.

  3. i wish you would go threw your self forgivness rex and shift in to your higher self and you would know who god is . your so all over it brother and the work your doing is fucking pricless . but the shadow work the meditation the faith in who you are bro and the god partical that is our kromazone 24 the invisible QUANTUM parical thats our sixth senses brother faith leads to below the heart into the wusdom and whats below becomes the wisdom of the knowledge thats above bro . and the sun spark is your soul spark everything is based on the faith in that bro lol . and awaken to that level of consoiusness and you know then the third eye and your soul shifting out the old karma and whats the opposite to karma is with in kriya bro and nothing is mire intelligent than our consoiusness bro gods devine intelligence is your higher self bro . a christ consoiusness awakening or a walk in soul death of our ego there all related to one thing your consoiusness and you are the one bro . we create our self in our own image when we have the faith in who we are thats gods mind over our matter bro . your intelligence needs its wisdom to become your truth so you bond the both above and below bro . ive been threw all this and i created lighting when they said test your power 3 years ago i went threw all this and i still dont know what to do with what i know . write a book on the laws of physics of our human nature would be the new big book if i could write it properly lol

  4. Love the podcast Rex, it really got me thinking qbout Geordie Rose and his intentions. There's definitely something we're not being told about this. Kudos to you sir for joining the parts of the puzzle, really appreciate you brother. Keep at it 💯%.

  5. I talk to the gods all the time they live in the living Mercury
    I have photos and a couple of videos I have started up another page on Facebook I talk to these gods all the time I have spoken to dragons and even the ancient serpent and inky and his brother and Horace did you know that enlil is the Christ that died for men not Jesus and Jesus is bullshit . esus was the profit of enlil but the Pope loved Jesus and changed The name of the God and why he died . Enlil died on earth to create a bridge to the heavenly palace for our soul to our memories where we are judged and then reborn and those gods are real
    And as for bloody devil and his bullshit go back through history and does the Jesus really come across good to you like Zeus killing his father like men killing their creator all in the name of Jesus of course fucking devil if you knew the truth you wouldn’t be frightened of death there would be no slavery no nothing because nothing would frighten you that’s what knowing the true God and gives you power . All man no matter who you are or what you represent all walk through the river of judgement and I can fucking prove it lying bastards and because of the evil bullshit that is going on in this world God is considering destroying the earth when I am gone they have been gone for 1000 years and making out to everybody else and that it has been thousands that’s bullshit honestly do those buildings look thousands and thousands of years old look at the old buildings in America they were only destroyed 6 to 700 years ago and then look at all the other buildings around the world they are fucking lying they hide the giant bodies if you don’t live a good life on earth the serpent and dragons will devour your soul on the way to heaven but maybe I tell you that story another day . Devils best trick he ever did was make you believe that he was God and that he never existed . And yes they are coming back

  6. It is already consuming us. People are afraid, anxious and oppressed, their fear is creating dark energies that are feeding and getting stronger, more pervasive. We are already helping them as the world consciousness becomes ever more bleak.

  7. This is something way out there different but I come across the joy of satan . Org today how Christianity and communism are very similar and the powers to activate our kundalini and soul were taken out of scripture writings for the few

  8. Some of us believe in what your doing Rex , I was always told not everyone is going to like what you say or do , but you got to do what you know is right give it all you got brother I know people thinking like you are can move mountains.

  9. i read the emerald tablets and thoth has a space ship that will get rid of this problem that will happen in the future…so i would expect the people who have excess to his pyramid would got get it and kill this alien

  10. Hands down one of the best talks I've heard in a hot minute!!! 3 people have brought key points up to me in conversation in last 2 days that are related to everything you just said. Coincidence I think not, it's on people minds and they don't even realize. Thanks, Rex.

  11. All shit can happen but i do belive that we have a bigger purpose and mankinde are not meant to be destroyed like that, there are powers watching us and they will never allow that to happen.
    But i do think/belive that there are other forces that will try and they try very very hard to make us destroy ourselfs but that will never be allowed. Wake up people and stay strong in your Humanity!

  12. before OUR generation, how could anyone recognize the ancient depicting of astronauts , if we didn´t went to the moon (or explore the sea, for that effect) and space helmet wasn´t created until then? And the nuclear mushroom? how could any so called "credible" history source BE ABLE FOR SO LONG TO DEFINE OUR REALITY (church-royal "owned" (or commended)BASED IN THEIR OWN INTERPRETATION OF THE FACTS ; ONE SIDED, PRIMITIVE, WITHOUT TECHNOLOGY OR KNOW HOW TO COHERENTLY INTERPRET THE IMAGES, SIDE BY SIDE, ZOOMING IN THE ANCIENT ONES WHILE PRESENTING THE EXISTING TECHNOLOGY OR DEVICE PRESENTED IN THE ANCIENT IMAGE……

  13. PTB, need a world government they can enforce. They need a docile non mobile population and a planetary evolving AI.
    They are following the Anunnaki formulae to a tee.
    Everything on this planet is still feudalism. It is hard wired into man. A good topic to cover is epigenetics and its behavior imprinting on the genders and races over time.

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