February 29, 2020

Rowdy Rebel Ft. Bobby Shmurda – Computers [Instrumental] (Prod. By Lil Chriiz) + DOWNLOAD LINK

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Rowdy Rebbel Ft. Bobby Shmurda – Computers [Official Instrumental]


45 thoughts on “Rowdy Rebel Ft. Bobby Shmurda – Computers [Instrumental] (Prod. By Lil Chriiz) + DOWNLOAD LINK

  1. È una guerra con le guardie e non c'é competizione,ammazziamo spie troie infami in strada chi parla muore
    Come Scalini che ha preso due colpi nell'addome
    Colonna gang coi miei fratelli contro la nazione
    e pullappiamo nei quartieri poi scappano i morti
    Abbiamo colpi pe voi froci ammazziamo per soldi
    Fumo una L nel traffico nel mentre cerco Brumotti
    Ti giuro voglio beccarlo per strada e farlo fuori
    Saviano coi poliziotti ringrazia che non muori
    Vediamo un carabiniere e siamo tiratori
    Fumiamo cannoni vendiamo mattoni noi stamo fuori

    Lasciamo come Falcone in autostrada

  2. SIGN UP

    Computers (Freestyle)

    Montana of 300

    The beat is “Computers” which is used by many rappers who deal with Chicago recording businesses. (… read more »


    [Verse 1: $avage]
    You got all these social media accounts nigga
    Behind computers, all you do is run your mouth nigga
    Don't make me pull up with some shooters at your house nigga
    Like what’s all that shit you talking bout nigga!
    He tried to turn up, got my burner, block like Bobby Shmurda
    If I don't got it, pockets hurting, I'm a rob a person
    If he don't go my heat gon blow
    They gotta doc and nurse him
    Or box and hearse him
    I don't box, I pop my Glock and murk em
    And bitch I'm headed to your city
    Just me and Big Bro, Citi
    Got 30 hanging out the semi
    Off this mothafucka, shoot him in the fizzace
    And niggas said they tryna get me
    But bitch I'm always in the hood like I'm Kenny
    Man free my Uncle out the you know, every verse for you
    If rap don't work and work don't move it's back to murking dudes
    I fuck your bitch, she suck my dick don't take it personal
    I cock my Glock and drop his top like a convertible
    Can't fuck with niggas, lot of niggas fu
    Shout out FGE, them my dudes
    He think he 2pac with the juice, until he Bishop on the roof
    Man niggas bitches, Twitter talking, I ain't with the talking
    They with they bitches pillow talking, all them niggas frauding
    Say he gon catch me out in traffic, caught that nigga walking
    Rolled down the window with extendos pistols get to sparking
    Don't use emojis, niggas know me, you got poles then show me
    But niggas police, run up on me smoke em like some OG
    My OG told me, "Niggas phony, watch them like a rollie"
    I'm in your city locked and loaded, let off shots exploding
    He post a picture of a thumpa got 200 likes
    But when I caught him out in public was no gun in sight
    My shooters down to put it on em, he won't see the morning
    Might roll up on him, blow and if he pussy I'm a show him
    Straight up exposing, don't do talking, I shoot like the Office
    They gon chalk em, toss the burner just another murder
    And I'm headed to your block bitch
    Me and my niggas on that mob shit
    And you know Juno on some hot shit
    Glocks spit, hit his noodles get the chopsticks
    And money cheese bought a brand new .45
    He had already ran through like 45, Mob

    [Verse 2: Montana of 300]
    A lot of niggas acting hard, on these computers
    Hate that this gangster got bars like Larry Hoover
    And everything I touch get ripped, like Freddy Krueger
    If I pursue you, click clack booya, we sing hallelujah
    The clip threw up in my ruger, same size of a ruler
    Flex like Lex Luger with my shooters, pockets fat like Buddha
    Got racks like Hooters, but as soon as rappers act like Luda
    Get smoked like hookah, ice like coolers I feel like a Jeweler
    You niggas bitches boy you fugazee, blow yo top off boy you faker than a toupee
    These niggas pussy watch my rachet pop that coochie
    Clip like a preview then I show them like a movie
    Come through your jaw, go out the sunroof with that Uzi
    Dark nights like Batman let my gat blam now you Two Face
    Skateoff like Lupe, leave your niggas blue like Tookie
    I ball like 2K but be strapped like Call of Duty
    I'm bout the action, ain't no acting this is not rehearsal
    Ain't with the lacking, bitch that rachet hug me like a girdle
    Two straps like Urkel, I'm not verbal, killers in my circle
    Montana always rock bandanas like a Ninja Turtle
    When I send shells, no Donatello you get smoked like purple
    Go in like curfew, pop and murk you, I'm gon white T-shirt you
    I'm sonning niggas like I birth you, my shit just too fertile
    I hop on tracks and get shit jumping like a fucking hurdle
    I'm fly as shit yes I am sick, I got the Flu
    I got that bag, I got that swag, I got that juice
    Yo bitch feeling me like a masseuse
    She wanna give a nigga neck just like a noose
    I ain't fu, gun cases, I caught two
    This what I do, pull up shooting like I hoop
    Touch every nigga in your circle, Duck Duck Goose
    And even God knows I'm a killer on the loose
    Two shots in your leg homie, I'm a make you beg homie
    Uh uh don't be scared homie, two shots hit your dreads homie
    Ten more to your head homie, bro like "Yo, he dead Tony!"
    I'm just making sure I reunite him with his dead homie
    I was the plug, my clientele they used to spend
    Drug trafficking, I got that work out like a gym
    I hope God forgives me for my sins
    (Stupid Bitch!) Me and Jesus look like twins!
    Same color skin, I'm just inked up like a pen
    When I pull up you gonna catch shots just like a rim
    He think he Pac above the rim, so I did his ass like Birdie at the end
    I just bought a Glock with all the perks
    I just got 5000 for a verse
    Like hold that cash and got that strap just like a purse
    I be counting mula like a clerk
    And counting blessings although I feel like I'm cursed
    Man I done put some niggas in the dirt
    My choppers used to sing just like Levert
    Get ready for fire in the church




    Featuring$avage of FGE

    Produced ByLil Chriiz

    Written By$avage of FGE & Montana of 300

    Release DateJune 8, 2015




    shimmihendrix  31

    4 years ago

    “My choppers used to sing just like LeVert”

    LeVert is an R&B singing group of the ‘80’s. “Casanova” is their biggest hit.


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  3. J'commence dans l'game tout droit, j'suis toujours détér
    Pas besoin de validation, moi tout seul j'vais le faire
    On baise le Zoo, bitch, j'suis dans l'Zoo moi même
    C'est fuck les keufs et tout ceux qui baisent les Epinettes

    J'vais t'enculer ta, mère j'suis trop direct (trop direct)
    Y'a pas de couplets juste de, l'arrondi au beat (au beat)
    Et j'baise tes morts j'les baise et tes, grands morts au-ssi (aussi)
    J'sors les kalash j'tire comme , Auschw-itz (à Auschwitz)
    Tous les ennemis je leur ai, baisé leur reuss et j'plaque
    Des balles, vitre opaque, j'suis dans l'temps, dans les pages (les pages)

  4. e vet mi lypi do rima
    kujdes se nuk jom i vet se mas veti ikom do trim
    po tfoli per senet si kurr si ki pa, n'jet sjom i vet mos dilem perball
    jena cdo nat, per dit tu pi sllipa per ne ska sahat, nese mangupat po dun me kon tpart, knej ka zona ta bojm ty belan.
    Thirrem i par, gjakun e nxet dhe me zemren si ar, do stilla i kom si me kon ujvar, sma nin per do tipa qe jon tetovar,
    Po dalin me thika do kejt nvidjoklipa, se din ralitetin kto kejt po jon bitcha
    dolin kejt tpart me allti kto pi shtikan
    Amo senet per veti mas miri i dikan

  5. nese ti bitch po don killa
    e vet mi lypi do rima
    kujdes se nuk jom i vet se mas veti ikom do trim
    po tfoli per senet si kurr si ki pa, n'jet sjom i vet mos dilem perball
    jena cdo nat, per dit tu pi sllipa per ne ska sahat, nese mangupat po dun me kon tpart, knej ka zona ta bojm ty belan.
    Thirrem i par, gjakun e nxet dhe me zemren si ar, do stilla i kom si me kon ujvar, sma nin per do tipa qe jon tetovar,
    Po dalin me thika do kejt nvidjoklipa, se din ralitetin kto kejt po jon bitcha
    dolin kejt tpart me allti kto pi shtikan
    Amo senet per veti mas miri i dikan

  6. All these niggas runnin' round like they some shooters
    See me in real life ain't tough on they computers
    Disrespect Duwop is like I gotta do 'em
    Glo Gang, when we pull up kill you about the mula

    [Verse 1]
    Bitch we from Chiraq not from Philly
    For Big Glo we pour out Henny
    And bitch we headed to your city
    Just to unload all these 50's
    Bitch we invading any city
    Don't fuck with G's, my niggas with me
    I ain't spending no cash on no fucking ring
    Bitch I'ma buy a Johnny, what the fuck you think?
    And we ain't riding in no two doors
    Free T Slick and free my daddy out the you know
    If a nigga play crazy then I'll kill them dead
    Your honor just give me my sentence, send me to the feds
    Cuz how we grew up it's no telling, killers move in silence
    Don't be yelling, show me you commit that violence
    In the state we ain't stopping for the troops
    Shout out Jump Out Gang them my dudes
    Don Nitty, what it do?
    Tadoe been trapping like a fool
    In LA with the tool
    Now just hit Chicago, had it too
    Run up on me wrong, you gon' make the news
    I paid 8 huncho for these shoes
    Sat in that box for a few
    Be my gun case, I will lose
    Started shooting toting with the crew
    Pipe on my hip like it's glued

    I just got a brand new burner
    I just got a brand new burner

    [Verse 3]
    All these niggas snitching, got this shit fucked up
    Man what happened to the game? They got it fucked up
    If I can't hang with you my nigga, then that's tough love
    Bitch finessing, and we jugging you out the plug
    Bitch I'm 2Pac above the rim
    Ain't going out like Mitch did at the end
    Bitch I'm getting money, ain't got time for friends
    Cuz friends too sneaky, plot on me I'll kill them dead

    You know how I'm rockin' man
    Like cut off stockings man
    Keep kush in my pocket
    All designer, get your grind up nigga

    [Verse 4]
    Niggas woofing pull up on 'em
    Guns they sing like Cee Lo
    Wherever we go need no people
    Guns we need like 3 more
    Fucking bitches, sliding in foreigns, my jewelry got peed on
    On the block, taking bandos, ain't no snitch like Nino
    Bitch we blowing up the spot, we ain't use no C-4
    You niggas free throws
    Y'all too easy, and his girl's a zero
    Pull up on him with that 3-O
    Let off, now its zero
    I'm a monster with this 4-0 nigga not no hero
    You niggas funny like Spongebob and Squidward
    Stitch and Lilo
    You rappers fu
    And ain't got no deal
    My neck a kilo
    I got this Mike Vick on me nigga
    Herb got Dan Marino
    He said he said he wanna smoke with me
    Nigga, we shall see though
    And I got Big Glo on my Timbs
    Nigga like the facts not no rims

    [Verse 5]
    And we play with choppers, FN's, Automatics
    He been dissing on the Gram
    I catch him in traffic
    Lets see this nigga, pull up on him
    And lets touch his (?)
    When we bailing out them cars
    Lets see if he grab it
    This Glock got him running out his shoes
    I got into guns that's why I left the school
    Cuz I ain't had shit to do
    They like "That's Capo with that tool"
    Ain't got no deal but I'm boom
    Feds ran in the spot won't shit but residue
    We been sent them crystals
    Border got them through
    Ain't saying no more man I'm through
    Cuz Hip-Hop police man they listening
    Man they trying to catch us copping, sending chickens
    Me and my niggas ain't no snitching
    Draw out the hit delete the witness
    I just spent some cash on a burner
    I catch yo ass then you getting murdered

    [Verse 6]
    I just spent some cash on six 40 Glocks
    My youngin Sixty ran through like 40 opps
    Smoking dead opps out the his-ouse
    Bitch, you ain't sucking dick you gotta bis-ounce
    Get the fuck up out my his-ouse
    And I'm from Chiraq with the East and with the sis-outh
    Toting this 30 let it stick out
    Up this motherfucker, shoot you in your mis-outh

    I just got a brand new 50
    I'm headed to a brand new city

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