February 27, 2020

SAMSUNG DEX Review/Tutorial [Use Your Phone as a Mobile Desktop Computer]

Samsung’s DeX is a seemingly hidden feature in the newest Samsung phones and it claims to be able to replace your desktop/laptop. In this video, I dive into this interface and help you to decide if this claim is true or not.

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Three ways to turn your laptop into a desktop:

METHOD 1. For Samsung phones (and possibly some others, but I haven’t tested enough yet), you can just plug in a dongle which has HDMI (and optionally USB as well if you want to plug in any other non-bluetooth deivces). Simply plug your monitor into the dongle’s HDMI, connect a mouse and keyboard, and you will be able to use Samsung DeX. This is a desktop-like interface for your phone. This will allow you to open apps in full screen and operate your phone as if it were a desktop or laptop.

METHOD 2. For phones which do not allow wired mice or keyboards, you can connect a wireless keyboard (and possibly a mouse if the phone lets you, but at the very least, almost all phones allow keyboards). Then connect your phone to a chromecast and use it remotely on a bigger screen. This will look just like your normal phone in landscape mode, but can be turned into a laptop with method 3. I also really like to bring a chromecast to hotels and airbnb when I travel because hotel TV usually sucks. I connect my chromecast and just continue watching whatever YouTube videos, netflix shows, or anything else without having to figure out a new controller.

METHOD 3. Once again, you can use a wireless mouse and keyboard if you would like, but it is not necessary for this method. For this method, download Google Remote Desktop and connect your phone to your laptop or desktop. As long as your PC is on, you will be able to access it remotely and use all of your laptop’s normal features. On slower internet, this can be a bit laggy. I recommend combining this with method 2 (aka just screen cast to a chromecast) for an optimal experience

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Please comment below with any questions you might have. Thank you all for watching! I appreciate you!

Disclaimer: This video is purely based on my experiences, research, and opinions. You and only you are responsible for your actions. I made this channel to advise viewers and I truly hope to help you all out. I love making these videos and connecting with my viewers!
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30 thoughts on “SAMSUNG DEX Review/Tutorial [Use Your Phone as a Mobile Desktop Computer]

  1. you might consider that you can get actual linux on the dex aswell
    which opens a whole new world (insert aladin reference here)

    it seems like it's more targeted to developers yet
    but tbh i can see kids not having pc's anymore nor having notebooks
    just a display and a dexstation where they plug all their data in

    for my kid i am actually thinking do just add this since we have a samsung family anyway
    and a galaxy s10e is cheap enough to be super altenrative for a mobile phone and a notebook for a kid


    I can play games with my keyboard and mouse without an emulator……………..


  3. Samsung should create a screen,keyboard,mouse,battery combo and sell it for $200.
    Like a laptop just without all the internal components. Then just slot your samsung phone in to run dex.

  4. Wow. Stuff like this really shows how far Apple is falling behind….and, yes, I'm an iPhone owner. I've always used iPhones, but I'm seriously considering switching!

  5. Maybe you or anybody here can give me some advice here or help me troubleshoot the problem I'm encountering. I downloaded Samsung DeX on my PC running Windows 10. I'm using a Samsung Galaxy Note10 Plus. Here's the situation. When I connect the USB to the PC nothing happens. It advises me to disconnect the phone and reconnect it. I have uninstalled and installed DeX with no different results. I tried disconnecting my VPA's on both phone and PC. Could it be that I'm running the Windows application "Your Phone" on both my phone and PC? I ran out of ideas trying to figure this out. I would love to start using Samsung DeX. Thanks in advance.

  6. waiting for samsung tab S6, because you can go DeX without external monitor, yet it small enough to handle with one hand/mobile. too bad SD 855 is just so-so for full Desktop-Like Experience, hope they go extra like what iPad do with Pro Chipset

  7. basically it emulates your Samsung into a bigger screen, try even gaming for old school game is just astonish (L) also any type-c adpater with HDMI will work, like the adapters for macbooks lol

  8. Well I picked up a SD850 equipped lenovo Yoga for C630 for half the price of a DeX enabled phone… always connected, 20hr battery life, no compromises, get a decent phone and still be below a grand.

  9. Absolutely NOT, it didn't suite for Professional
    Even Samsung didn't give it to devices that should have it, example : Tab A 2019 S Pen

  10. Dex can replace Chromecast/Fire TV Stick. I have connected my Note 8 to my A/V receiver and watch Netflix/Amazon Prime video on 120 inch projector screen.

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