March 30, 2020

28 thoughts on “Scan Computers 'Stream like a Pro' £4700 giveaway with Sacriel, Intel, Corsair, Elgato & Asus!

  1. Unfair competition, this is for who stream, who has money to stream. The one who can stream has money in his pocket and his rig is also generous. Don't like this kind of move from the channel. Competition should be for all. I have an old pc from 2011 I need an upgrade not the person who is already streaming.

  2. Hope I win this legendary beast.
    Because I don't have any computer for gaming. I use my old mobile for playing pubg mobile at smooth graphics settings.
    I am a gamer. I play games die heart. I am not that rich. I can't even afford 300dollar gaming pc. I want to play high end and real graphics game. And I will do streaming your earn for my family by my creativity.

  3. This can't be the first of the monthly giveaways can it? Alienating everyone who doesn't stream, rewarding streamers who are renowned for being given free hardware and featuring the worst type of winner selection – judgement. Roll on October.

  4. i can't stream because my PC can't handle it lol (nice the giveaway is for someone who's already got a setup that works ?) would say good luck but i cant 😉

  5. XD and what about people who never experienced a pc in their entire life you jumped directly to streaming i do have clip 3 min me twerking poor version is this count !! Hhh just kidding good luck to all participants ^-^

  6. A clip only 3 minutes long? What the heck? 0_o That's bonkers short. Hmmmph. Also, why award someone with this prize who's already managed to put together a steaming video? They've had the equipment/hardware to do it already! Madness. I live streamed (to no one, no one saw it live IIRC) some BFBC2 a few years ago but my rig is so crap it couldn't do it anything above 480p. 🙁 I NEED a new rig to stream with!

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