April 5, 2020

Secrets of In-Car Police Laptops (MDT's)

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47 thoughts on “Secrets of In-Car Police Laptops (MDT's)

  1. I am SFO certified, I was trained on NCIC even though I do not have access to it they drilled it into our heads what could happen if we got caught misusing it. Not worth it.

  2. In Australia we did away with MDT's and switch to iPad mini's, so the officer can run your information without having to go back to a vehicle. You just have to learn to keep your eyes on the individual at the same time as the screen so you dont get your block knocked off.

  3. How accurate is the gps/avl? Say you had a Sergeant who believed you were lying about your location so he would have IT email him the entire AVL data for the entire shift (10+ hours with updates pinging every 10-30 seconds). The agency was in the process of switching from their outdated CAD to the Spillman System. They accused him of removing an antenna to avoid being tracked, disabling his MDC and other stupid things. The Sergeant plugged the GPS coordinates into a program called "Imap" to show that the person wasn't where they claimed to be. Sometimes it showed zero velocity and then would show him like 3 miles away and then back to the zero velocity, also the officer in question lived in a remote are with very spotty cell service, his driveway being a dead zone (funny story, when his Sgt drove to his house his service went out and so his maps stopped working) anyways after reviewing things one of the it guys mentioned the vendor, Spillman, found numerous coding issues in the system…basically this guy got put on admin leave being accused of dishonesty, everyone believed it because no one really took the time to look into it, I only know this info once the investigation was done and I was able to look up department budget and records of systems etc and of course heard the audio interviews. It seems to me like it's very obvious there is issues with the GPS and avl possibly not locking onto enough satellites to send data, there could be a dead zone or a small lag in service so sometimes the GPS coordinates could be off by a few miles and sometimes dispatch can't even see your coordinates. Do you know where I can find any information about these issues, so during the appeal I t can be presented to the board? You can email me bekkalynn81@gmail.com or reply here. Thanks for the video 🙂

  4. No wonder it takes hours in some incidents for cops to place in the data in their MDT's, especially when reporting car crashes. I'm sure computer programmers do created such programs for cops to report. That's a lot of money you're pulling out of people's pockets (by fining them). Your commission must be a lot for an experienced person.

  5. one cool noteworthy feature in a patrol car, at least in my area, is that you can listen to nearby phone call conversations….. shouldn't be legal but apparently it is. i got into a small fender bender and while i was calling my boss for the vehicle and insurance information i heard my conversation being broadcasted through the patrol cars speakers

  6. Running ppl thru the system to check for warrants is a violation of the 4th & 5th admendments. Unless a violent crime has been committed or you have reasonable suspicion said persons have committed a violent crime or is going to commit one. Traffic violations aren't technically a crime. If you get pulled over for a traffic infraction, plead the 5th & remind them of your 4th amendment right to unreasonable search & seizure of property (which includes DL, insurance card, & vehicle reg because those documents can & will be used in court against you if you willingly hand over an expired DL or insuance card, ect..).

  7. Couldn't you just remove the hard drive from the laptop, put it into an external HD USB enclosure, and mount it in Linux as root? I've done it before many times to access Windows files, even when the account password was unknown.

  8. No, officer, I totally understand why getting my gps going while driving is dangerous…

    "That could get you 10 years in prison………… Kidding guys, we don't catch charges, lol"

  9. I got pulled over with my friend whom is Ex Special Forces Reconnaissance. Friend makes hard left hand turn like dukes of hazzard, I see Cop car ahead, I knew we were gonna get pull us over, officer get to window, friend says something to officer about him and the white house grounds. Anyhow. About 8 others officers pull up and pull me out after him. We got let go.

  10. Sorry but most officers aren't anything more then Revenue Generating employees. Only a few thousand actually hold their oath. Most days I can't tell the the difference between common criminal and a officer.

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