February 27, 2020

Steve Wozniak on PEEK&POKE Computer Museum

This is a short greeting from the legendary Steve Wozniak to the PEEK&POKE Computer Museum in Rijeka, Croatia (www.peekpoke.hr). His good wishes and support means a lot to us! Thanks Woz, we’ll continue to grow, educate and preserve our computer history! 🙂

The PEEK&POKE museum is a non-profit organization and it’s run by enthusiasts and volunteers for seven years now. Opened on 22nd of September 2007, the PEEK&POKE is one of the few permanent displays of vintage computing technology in Europe that you can actually try and use – or as we love to say you can “peek it” and “poke it”!

Located in the centre of the city of Rijeka and spread across 300m2 of space, it contains more than 1000 exhibits of the world and local computer history, ranging from very early calculators and game consoles to rare and obsolete computers from the 80es and 90es.

In all those years and with almost no funding it become a leading tourist attraction in Rijeka, not only by Ryanair Magazine, but also by globally famous travel portal TripAdvisor.


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