December 6, 2019

A First Look At A Commodore PET 2001 Series Professional Computer – Dave Bradley – Episode 488

A first look at an old original Commodore PET Computer!!! Strange monitor failure issues…or are there? Dusty inside, but it does seem to come alive ...
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Commodore – Episode 484 – All Around A PET Model 4016 8-Bit Computer – Dave Bradley – 6502 Fat40 16k

Having a look around a Commodore PET Model 4016 although on the back it is called a 4016-N. I have not applied power to this ...
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I Got A 4016 Small Screen Commodore PET Computer!!!

I have been trying not to add to my collection, but sometimes, things happen, and indeed, a Commodore 4016 came along and has arrived! source
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