April 5, 2020

20 thoughts on “The 8-Bit Guy's Dream Computer

  1. This video is my favorite joke now (excellent sound track), but it is not only very funny. I'd take that computer immediately for it's breadboard on top alone. Build it with approximately the ez80 24-bit hardware of the TI 84plus ce pocket calculator and they will come! No ROM please; build it more like a minicomputer from the 70s with front panel switches for selecting a boot device, which could also be an RS-232.

  2. I am currently working on a retro game console/computer hybrid… Goodluck David! I used Intel Core duo as my processor and a custom motherboard that i modified. I also made my own bootloader and BIOS. I am not sure if i should write/program my own operating system… I am using a 1998 Maxtor hard drive too…

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