February 23, 2020

Using 50" UHD TV's as Computer Screens

I show you how to setup your own surround gaming setup using large 4k televisions, including what screens to pick and how to configure the hardware and software to get up and running. It took me a lot of trial and error to get the setup I have today and hopefully this inspires you to try. Click ‘Show More’ below to expand this section.

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DVI to HDMI Adapter – http://amzn.to/23f47Yn
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49 thoughts on “Using 50" UHD TV's as Computer Screens

  1. I have 3 screens with a 43" 4k TV as the middle monitor and two 28" 1080P monitors on either side. It was very easy. Put in a new video card and just plugged them in. I don't know about all the stuff in this video. . . sound like a massive hassle and very complicated. Why can't you just get three 4k video cards, then just plug three 4ks in and go?

  2. Hi
    @Barnacules Nerdgasm I am from India and I am really diehard a fan of your videos and I am planning for a setup like your's but single monitor for my Animation and compositing and editing work please can you guide me which TV Should I Buy my budget is around 600$ to 750$ max please suggest me according to your ease and convenience. Also which Calibrator device you suggest Datacolor SpyderX Pro or
    X-Rite i1Display Pro??? Will be waiting for your reply 🙂

    Thanks and regards have a wonderful day ahead and please keep making Nerdgasm Videos as those are a lot informative.

  3. GREAT! Hugely informative video; gripping and fascinating! As engineers, I believe that you and I, Jerry, think a bit alike! Many thanks for this one — 8H Haggis

  4. I'm wondering about viewing angles when sitting close to the screen while working on the desktop. How would you rate the image degradation in that regard? Do you notice washed out colors at the edges?

  5. Thanks for this. I just got a new origin laptop and it was cal to Spyder but my external default Samsung monitor came out fucked. I played with the extra settings on it like you said and it helped made a difference. I'm using Nvidia control panel to fine tune it. It's not just Samsung TV's, their monitors come jam packed with extra features and settings and shit that need turning off.

  6. Loved the video, liked and subscribed!

    Can you explain me PLEASE how can i jump from my triple monitor 23inch set up to built/connect a 4 monitor set up, 23' or maybe 27' each and a samsung HDTV probabbly 55 inch , all into one desktop …. :/

    I got an amd i7 3.2 ghz. 16gb ram and 1 radeon rx580, that currently does well the job for my 3 monitor setup, this graphic card comes with 1 hmdi, and 3 display ports.

    Now things get funky when i want to add another monitor [4th one] and a 55inch tv samsung [ that is in game mode]
    It all crashes…. i got only 1 screen working…

    How to i do the correct way? Please help/explain 🙂 3 monitor setup to 4 monitor setup + 55inch tv :))

  7. Awesome video content and everything… seriously. Thank you.
    Bumped into it while researching for a nonglossy 40" or ove screen as my current 43" though good, is glossy AF and it drives me nuts! Was thinking of using super fine sandpaper or paste to "make" it matt but not sure about that 😀
    Thinking LG 43UD79-B 43" would be good since I couldn't find any nonglossy anything bigger than that… Anyone any comments on that one?

  8. Just bought LG OLED55B8SLC and have 2 problems. Tried all the settings with input being set to pc and everything but still a bit problematic. Getting a problem of red or yellow colour highlight around text on my modern pc and 1080ti and uncontrollable dimming sometimes. I only use the tv with my pc, that works well. I will have to ask the shop for a refund as there is a problem. It looked better on my smaller and older 32inch panasonic led tv. Maybe I'll try to buy dell alienware 34inch 1440p monitor instead at similar price or 43 inch LG monitor 🙁

  9. Hello, I have seen your trial monitor project and I would like to make it as well. Could you please tell me the desk length and the tilt of the 2 monitors on the sides?

  10. Huge Mis Information .4k can't render picture perfect 1080p .1080p looks blurry compare to native 1080p ,1440p looks better but still not as good as native 1440p.Don't do math just to guess ,give info based on experience

  11. What about burn in? I noticed your desktop was showing on the screens for a while. Is there something special to look for so you don't get the burn in?

  12. I finally got a 50inch 4k TV and loving it. However windows are moved and resized to a corner in the desktop when I turn off the TV and come back to it after a while. I use an nvidia graphics card. I am connected through 4k hdmi cable and currently only running one monitor hookup. Is this an issue with connecting to a TV as a monitor? Any solutions?

  13. man is making you tube videos for sake of making you tube videos i get it , jumped the band wagon of full time promoter sellers , and decided he will work by playing , and still doesnt know it aint gonna work out . Lots of growing up left, is he still doing this?

  14. I had a 43 inch 4k tv acting as centre display, with 4 Dell S2240T touchscreen monitors (2 either side) for my pc setup. Unfortunately my tv broke whilst moving my setup so i've temporarily bought a 55 inch. I'm probably going to get a 50 inch in a month or 2, as 55 is too big, but, I wanted to point out that with having 2 1080p screens either side, although it is less demanding in terms of GPU power, you still need the ports to connect them, so realistically, 3 50 inch tv's would be better, plus, you can convert them to IR touchscreens if you buy the touch overlay/ IR frame.

    I am wondering if perhaps a single 50inch would be better than 43 inch, as the 43 inch is a tad shorter than the 2 monitors stacked.

  15. Thanks for keeping this video up – I used it 2 years ago to work out a problem with my 4k tv/pc monitor. And found myself reviewing the video again to set up my new 4k tv.

  16. Awesome. I've been on a 65 inch LG 3D 4K TV as monitor for almost 3 years. Still love it. I finally picked up a new TV 43" 4K LG TV for my old gaming box, to use as productivity machine. You covered all the important parts! Nice job. Wish I had seen it sooner. I'd like to mention that you also need a very good (not most expensive) HDMI 2.0 cable. I bought a few different 15Ft ones, before I found one that worked flawlessly (Amazon Basics HDMI 2.0, was the winner). I wish TV manufacturers gave better specs (input lag).. I mean, it makes sense to, even for them!?

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