February 21, 2020

Vintage Computer Festival Midwest 14 – Video Montage Tour

I attended VCFMW 14 on September 14 & 15, 2019, near Chicago, IL. Take a tour of the show’s sights and sounds. There was so much to see!

The VCFMW organizers will be posting video of the various presentations at the show on their channel soon, subscribe here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCu3UDdi0llxiSaFKq-p5gYQ
VCFMW website: http://vcfmw.org


34 thoughts on “Vintage Computer Festival Midwest 14 – Video Montage Tour

  1. This is incredible! Hoping to be able to get a commodore64 this christmas as my first vintage computer, and maybe in the future, once I can drive I will go to some events like this one!

  2. 0:11 Damn you! There is so much stuff that I have to watch the video frame-by-frame!

    0:21 "Tidied & wrapped by Jim Butterfield".

    0:31 CMD HD-20, FD-2000. The last time I moved, I threw away a CMD HD-200 and an FD-4000. Probably a mistake.

    0:55 The PA-announcement message is a bit confusing since it's randomly spliced together.

    1:01 "Commodore Security Patch". What is that about? You always have one next to your computer. The motion is too blurry to read the caption.

    1:10 My parents have a Commodore filing cabinet.

    1:29 Atari computers, Commodore monitor. Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria!

    1:35 GeckOS. I wonder how he context-switches the zero and stack pages in real time on a stock C64. I suppose he could carve them up.

    2:02 LGR: "Hi, Robin! Good to see ya, man!"

    2:15 Ben Heck.

    2:46 The computer the 8-Bit Guy introduced in his latest video. I think the MEGA65 is more intriguing.

    2:53 The 8-Bit Guy's hands themselves. I guess that's Planet X3 on a mobile emulator.

    4:49 Was the computer console for the Intellivision released or is that a prototype?

    5:40 David Murray's hands again. And Clint Basinger again. And that Robin guy.

    7:04 Personal Computing on the VIC-20: a friendly computer guide. That's were I learned how to program.

    8:24 Jeri Ellsworth name-drop. What did you do for the DTV project?

    10:24 It seems strange that the PRINT statement has an argument of "". Wouldn't the 8-Bit Guy's Commodore-alike have a Commodore-alike BASIC with a raw PRINT statement being okay, or with a clear-screen character like with the Commodore Kernal.

    13:54 When I went beyond BASIC: The VIC-20 Programmer's Reference Guide.

    17:35 Yeah, the Commander X16 totally supports Commodore cursor-control characters.

    18:03 Random characters, Syntax Error. Reminds me of the first time I saw a VIC-20 in a store. One of the other kids there said that if you mash the keyboard near its left-hand side, it would load a program from tape.

    19:13 The star of the new Apple Game Service: Frogger.

  3. Thanks for pausing on many of the systems. I could actually see more than a blur. I was able to read some of the info and get several web addresses for things I would like to follow up on. This video really makes me want to go in the future….I actually enjoyed that so much, I think I watch it again.

  4. Cool to see Ben Heckendorn there. The Ben Heck Show was so great. His ability to demystify things is the reason I got into the electronics hobby in the first place . Did you get a chance to talk with him on video?

  5. I would spend waaay too much money at a convention like this! Btw, what is that computer @ 18:20 that appears to be sitting next to a 1571 disk drive? Some kind of alien Commodore 128?

  6. Thanks for sharing this, Robin. I will be at the next one for sure. My mother lives 90 miles outside of Chicago so I will have an excuse to make the trip! I own one of the C64 DTV's you worked on. I will do an episode on it some time, so I would live your insights on it

  7. On that Exidy, I wanted one of those very badly when they were new machines, but I didn't have the money to spend. One was in a computer store that at the time was filled with classic single board computer systems like, for instance, the ELF.

  8. I enjoy all these VCF videos that people post. I would love to go to something like that! I have never come across such events here in The Netherlands. I guess because there isn't that much computer history here as there is in the US.

    Thanks for sharing!

  9. It was great to talk to you for an extended period of time this year!
    I appreciate the video has some L-edits in it (the audio continues even though the video shots switch); that makes it possible to hear complete conversations. Really nice work; thank you so much for putting this video together.

  10. MUCH better than MANY VCF videos I've seen where the creator slowly walks along, but one literally can't actually focus on anything without hitting pause at exactly the right time. Even then there can be motion blur. Thanks for the STATIONARY video shots. That's vastly better. I wish I could give this 1000 up votes.

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