April 7, 2020

12 thoughts on “Vintage HP retro-computer bonanza in Los Angeles

  1. I'm a big fan of your channel and all of your HP equipment. Back in the day, I used the 5420 and 5423 DSA, 5451 DSA (B and C), 3582 DSA, 9825, 9826, 9836, 85, Series 200 and Series 300 computers, plotters, printers, etc, etc, etc. Programming in HPL and Basic and Pascal brings back some old memories.

    I remember the 9825 back in the late 70's having 23K of memory, when the popular Radio Shack TRS80 had 1K or 4K of memory. I though 23K was more than anyone would ever need.

    It's great to see that old equipment again.

  2. I’m always astonished at the quantity and quality of equipment HP produced back in the day. Seeing you unpack your haul brings back great memories of liquidation auctions in the 80s where test gear went cheap.

  3. Glad to see you salvaging some of that old HP gear. I like the early ‘80s desktop gear like the 85 and 87 for its simplicity. I understands what he’s say8ing about the hassle of selling on eBay. It’s getting harder and harder to find stuff there. I’d like to find an I/O ROM for my 87 for less than $60, but I don’t see those anymore. I’ve got one, but I’ve got three 87s, so I have to keep swapping it out for HPIB. Interesting disk drive test gear with an analog gauge. Looking forward to you future videos.

  4. 5 1/4 . The USAF keeps some important ‘things’ on them. They figure no one can read them anymore. I’ve heard they are having problems keeping their readers up. Anyway, your dangerous lol. I remember that disk drive. OMG I’m old.

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